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What Content to Share In Q4

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October 3, 2022

If you are a wedding vendor or wedding professional that isn’t sure what to talk about on your blog, or social media, this is for you! Every quarter I will share the top content you will need to discuss, all back with strategy and data! And today is all about Q4!

Q4 is all about focusing on real weddings and inspiration as we head into engagement season. For most of the country, October – December is the winter season. So while October might still be busy with real weddings, November and December are often slower. So take the time to focus on blogging all of those summer and fall weddings, while starting to ramp up educational posts for engagement season.

Engagement season is often from Thanksgiving – Valentines and is when around 70% of couples get engaged. I know I was one of those couples, and my husband proposed in February 2020!

Q4 Content and Blogs for Wedding Professionals

As you see in Google Trends, the data proves that engagement season really is a thing! We see a considerable dip around the Holidays and then a spike first week of January.


Q4 Content and Blogs for Wedding Professionals


Same with the term “How To Plan a Wedding”. They are starting to really search, with their biggest planning happening June. That big dip? That’s end of July, which is commonly a vacation time, so it’s not surprising there would be a dip.

Looking for info on Q3? Check it out here!

October: Real Weddings + Products

As we slow down with weddings, it’s time to focus on sharing real weddings from the last few months. As couples get engaged, they want to see real weddings! I suggest having at least 1-2 real weddings per month on your blog! This will give your new audience lots to look at, and showcase your unique style. This is also the time to really promote your heirloom products.


Showcase Real Weddings: As couples become engaged and start really planning again, especially for 2022 and 2023, they are wanting to see real weddings and events. They want to see you working! So make sure you’re showcasing everything from intimate weddings and elopements to those big weddings you’ve been doing all summer.

  • What is the couple’s story? How did they meet? Why did they pick the venue or their photographer (or any other vendors?)
  • What was their vision for the wedding day?
  • What did you do to put this wedding day together?
    • Photographers: highlight how you worked with them on the timeline, poses, images they wanted to be captured, etc.
    • Planners: highlight the package they chose, what you did for them, unique details they wanted etc.
    • Florists: highlight the flowers they chose, the colors, the design details, etc.
    • Venues: highlight how they utilized the space, what rentals they used, etc.


Highlight your albums + products: This is the time to really market these for the Holiday season! Show your products, share reviews, and explain how they make the best gifts for parents/grandparents/yourself etc.

  • What are the albums and heirloom products that you sell that your couples might have not purchased yet, but are really thinking about this holiday season?
  • How do they make great gifts?
  • How soon do they need to be ordering them?


November: Engagement Tips

Engagement season is coming up! This is the time to start getting those essential wedding planning tip blogs for the newly engaged:

Must-Knows About Getting Married in [Your City]: This is especially huge if you have a lot of out-of-town clients. Talk about the must-knows! For example: In Savannah, clients need to know to avoid St. Patrick’s day week as it is an incredibly busy (and expensive) week to visit. They also need to know to avoid the summer since it is too hot. Share how to get a marriage license, any weird rules your city has – make this your client’s must-know guide!

Top Venues in your city: This is a HUGE search term! As couples get engaged, they will start searching venues first. Get your blogs in front of your audience now! 

  • Idea #1: Do a write-up about your top three venues in your city, and talk about why you love it, and ways it can be styled differently.
  • Idea #2: If you are a designer or florist, highlight three weddings you’ve done at a venue with three different color palettes.
  • Idea #3: If you are a planner, show three different design aspects of the same venue. This can be the cocktail hour spot, the ceremony spot, and the reception. Show how they can be designed differently!
  • Idea #4: If you are a photographer, showcase three weddings at the same venue, and highlight the best spots for portraits at that venue.


December: Slow Down

Holiday slow down + more engagements. I know this might sound crazy: but it’s okay to slow down your content in December. This is a slow time for everyone – so I’m not saying to stop posting. But it’s okay to just do 2 blogs + 3 posts a week on IG!

End of year round-up blog post – share the highlights from 2021! What are three things you learned in 2021 that you can share for new couples in 2022 to make planning/booking you even better?

For stationery artists: The ultimate guide to save the dates. When to order, what they include, who gets one, when to send out.

Interview A Past Client The best way to get credibility? Having a testimonial right from a former client. Ask a past client some questions on their big day and working with you. Questions you can ask:

    • How did you choose your venue?
    • Why did you choose me as your [xyz vendor]?
    • If you are a photographer ask: what was your favorite image from your wedding day?
    • Do you have any tips to share with other couples?


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