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Every month, new blog posts are published, your Pinterest is consistently bringing in new leads, and your organic search ranking is improving with each day. Instead of spending hours every single month trying to create fresh content, you just click over to your blog and find incredible, true-to-you content already published, every single week. Sounds too good to be true, right? Welp, it’s not! You’re not dreaming, my friend.

Because that’s exactly how we help lives and businesses.

We know your wedding business deserves more than generic mix and match marketing and years old blog posts. You deserve, and need, a fresh, up-to-date marketing plan that connects with your audience week after week.

We help wedding professionals and vendors create a digital marketing strategy through the power of consistent Blogging and Pinterest, all while focusing on proven SEO strategies. We take you from a season behind, to a season ahead.

We are a team of passionate wedding experts who help wedding professionals go from being overwhelmed and stressed out, always feeling like you’re playing catch up, to having consistent and exceptional marketing content that you can be beyond proud of and, of course, that speaks right to the heart of your ideal audience.

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Because that’s exactly how we help transform lives and businesses.


First things first, you don’t have to write 4 blog posts a week with 2000+ words to move the needle. At Ava And The Bee, we’re experts at creating consistent marketing strategies that don’t overwhelm our clients OR their audience. We create a balance between showcasing our clients work, while also positioning them as an expert in the industry and increasing their local SEO rankings.

Because as a wedding professional, showing up first on Google in your local wedding industry searches is key to a healthy business with longevity… This is why every service we offer includes key SEO strategy.


We are SEO experts and strategize each and every thing we do.

We believe in taking care of every single detail. Not only do we create custom strategies for each client, and do thorough SEO keyword research, but all of our packages are completely done for you.

Our Blogging and Pinterest services are not just a write-up and some pretty images. 

attention to

We are not just knowledgeable in the wedding industry - we are experts. No need to train us in the wedding industry. Or spend hours explaining the lingo. We are working with pros just like you, each and every day.

Our team has a combined 18+ years in the wedding industry, from planning, to bridal boutique ownership and sales, to floral design, and everything in between.

We have worked with over 80 wedding vendors, including venues, stationery artists, bridal gown designers, planners, photographers, and more! 

we know the in's & out's of the wedding industry.

trust our
wedding expertise

your brand is important to us

We believe in custom strategy and content for each and every client. We take time to learn your market, your ideal couples, and your voice. There is no one-size-fits-all content over here!

we want to know your brand as well as you do so we can represent it beautifully.


We work with each client to make outsourcing as easy as possible. With easy-to-fill out questionnaires, a quick system to get content, and easy-to-understand analytics, we take the stress out of outsourcing. 

We know how overwhelming it is to outsource. After working with over 80 clients over the last 4 years, we know how to make this simple.

Do your business the biggest favor possible and hire her immediately! Hiring her is without a doubt been the BEST thing I’ve done for my business in years. I started outsourcing everything that wasn’t getting done, or I didn’t like doing, or I wasn’t good at (it was a long list!), and she rocks every single project I give her. From prompt communication to delivering exceptional work, I have loved working with her every step of the way.


Photographer | Apt. B Photography

Working with Ava and The Bee was an easy decision after chatting with a few other companies. Their communication is fantastic, they are knowledgeable in so many common platforms and make the process a breeze. Most importantly, I have more time to work in other areas of my business and have seen tremendous growth in our website traffic and inquiries. Our audience looks forward to our content being that it is presented regularly and I do not have to worry about spending so much time on blogging that I can spend in other areas of the business or simply having some personal time to myself. 


Wedding Planner, Makeup Artist | Verve NJ


Photographer | Julie Wilhite Photography

To have someone like Ava And The Bee who I trust completely with helping me with my business is a game-changer and I'm so thankful. Before hiring Ava And The Bee, I was having enough time to do all the things. Since working together, I've made lots of headway with my Pinterest strategy, even booking a bride off of Pinterest! Adrienna is easy to communicate with, produces high-quality work, has tons of experience and can pretty much do anything.


Photographer |  Izzy + Co.

Hiring Ava And The Bee has alleviated many of the tasks that I hate doing and just never got done, allowing me peace of mind that they are being done efficiently and more effectively than I could do them and allowing me to focus on the other parts of my business that I enjoy or simply spending time with my family. You are always on the lookout for ways to improve the business and life of each of the businesses or people that you work with and that's super special!


Photographer | Mika LH Photography

Before working with Ava and The Bee, I was struggling with keeping up with blogging and pinning my images. At first, I was a little hesitant to outsource blogging and pinning but it has been a lifesaver! I appreciate all the work they have done for me. I love seeing my blogs and pins growing on my website and Pinterest account. I love how efficient and organized Ava And The Bee have been. By working with them, it has aved me time and helped me focus on editing all my sessions and weddings.


Wedding Planner | Verve Event Co.

In 6 months she increased my monthly engaged from 128K to 869K on Pinterest!
Working with Adrienna and her team has given me more time to focus on what I need to do in my business. I wasn't getting to my blog posts and publishing pins on Pinterest. Now I can put together a blog post and her team will take care of the rest, which means I've been able to consistently post a blog 2x every month since working with her.


Wedding Photographer | Shaw Photo Co.

Before Ava And The Bee, we struggled with consistent Blogging, Pinterest, and a cohesive branding look. Since working with Ava And The Bee, our SEO is growing, branding is cohesive, and lots of SUBSCRIBERS! We absolutely recommend them!

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