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2023 Pinterest Trend Report – And What To Write About

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December 10, 2022

As a wedding vendor, you know that couples are on Pinterest. But did you also know that Pinterest is at the forefront of predicting trends? Every year, they create a trend report with what they predict the top trends will be. In fact, 80% of their trend predictions come true! Pinterest is an essential tool not just for getting clients but for knowing what is up and coming in the world of trends. 

After spending hours going through everything Pinterest mapped out (including the data behind it all!) I’m excited to share 5 Big Trends that you are going to want to keep track of. And to make it even easier, I’ll be sharing blog topics and talking points to get you inspired!

A few things I noticed overall with the 2023 Pinterest Trend Report:

More is more. Maximalist, texture, and MORE are going to be huge in 2023. After two years of minimal and casual, maximum and high-fashion are going to be the driving force of 2023, both in design and in weddings. Another insight into this? The trend Free Spirits! Fancy cocktails are taking over Pinterest, and it’s not just about alcohol. Mocktails are also popular, with “Fancy Non-Alcoholic Drinks” up 220%. Couples are going not just to want a signature cocktail but to up-level and make it look gorgeous.

It’s all in the aesthetic and the experience. We know that guest experience is more important than ever, but these trends really solidify it for 2023 and 2024. For example, Home Front, so designing your entryway is a trend. This means that couples might want to make every detail, from the front door to the tables, designed.

Celebrations are back. This ties into the idea of maximalism. But one of the trends I don’t outline below, but I think is insight, is the Yolo Years. Boomers and Gen X are planning bigger bashes than ever before. So if your couple’s parents are footing the bill, they might be more inclined to up the budget once they see their friends host big birthday and anniversary parties! Heck, even pets are getting parties these days, as we see in the 2023 trend, Pool Pawties.

Creativity will flourish. One of the trends that I think will inspire weddings is Date Different. Gen Z couples want unique dates, that are not just in a restaurant. Think bookstores, picnics, and museums! This will, in-turn inspire where they want to get married. I know we started to see Picnic trend in 2022 thanks to blogs like Over The Moon + Green Wedding Shoes, but plan on seeing more of it in 2023 and 2024!

Airy Styles and Fringe With Benefits

It’s hard to say which trend is my favorite, but I am pretty obsessed with this one (and know it will translate so well to weddings!) According to Pinterest, “2023 fashion will be filled with lace, tulle, ruffles, and shimmer for everyone based on rising searches from Gen Z and Millennials.” I also love how inclusive this is for all – tulle, ruffles, and lace are incredible on everyone. Plus, after two years of loungewear taking centerstage, the desire for movement and texture is a breath of fresh air!

A second trend that I include with this one since they are similar are Fringe With Benefits. Yes, fringe is cool again my friends! From cowboy-inspired, to flirty sparkles, it’s all trending.

The Stats:

  • “Shimmery Dress” search +365%
  • “Lace Top Long Sleeve” search +225%
  • “Tulle Sleeves” search + 65%
  • “Ruffle Shirt Men” search +95%
  • “Fringe Wedding Dress” search +45%
  • “Beaded Fringe Dress” search +75%

What To Write About:

Do a roundup of your favorite wedding day styles the incorporate this trend. From fashion, to cakes, share it all! Talk about this trend, while highlighting your work! Or do a collaboration post with a bridal boutique to share the top gowns and accessories that feature ruffles, shimmer + sheer elements. (Bonus points if you do both!).

Rust Married

This is very on-trend, especially with the new Pantone color of 2023: Viva Magenta. While rust, copper, and orange have always been a staple of boho weddings, your Millennials and Gen Z are really loving this. (I know when I was a planner in 2013-2014, this was also on-trend, so it’s cool to see it come back!) Key colors include terracotta, copper, and burnt Sienna.

The Stats:

  • “Burnt Orange Wedding Theme” search + 695%
  • “Terracotta Wedding Bridesmaids Dresses” search +230%
  • “Orange Wedding Centerpieces” search +150%

What To Write About:

Create moodboards in Canva to set the scene for this style. You can pull from weddings you have done that incorporate this, or if you don’t have any, pull inspiration from Pinterest (just make sure to credit the original source!). Moodboards are so great for blogs, Instagram, and of course – sharing on Pinterest!

Good On Paper

Paper art is making a comeback, and if you are a stationery artist, get excited! Slow art, which takes time and patience, is hot right now, and I’m hoping to see that translate into fiber art too! From origami to paper art, I can see couples wanting to embrace heirloom paper products.

The Stats:

  • “How To Make Paper Rings” search +1725%
  • “Quilling Art” search +60%

What To Write About:

If you are a stationery artist, talk about the art behind what you do! Really connect with the audience that wants these handmade, unique pieces for their wedding. Not a stationery artist? No problem! Share your favorite invitations, signs, and paper trends from 2022 and what you want to see in 2023.

Hipstoric Home

As someone who lives in a 1927 craftsman bungalow with original stained glass, original hardwood floors, and built-ins, I LOVE anything historic! I can see this trend influencing weddings in so many ways. From curating vintage pieces to vintage-inspired patterns, to rich textures (more velvet, please!). It’s also trending to mix modern with antique, which means that weddings will get more gorgeous when it comes to furniture and details! This one was so fascinating because it is led by Boomers AND Gen X, inspiring Gen Z. 

The Stats:

  • “Eclectic Interior Design Vintage” search +850%
  • “Mixing Modern and Antique Furniture” search +530%
  • “Antique Windows Repurposed” search +50%
  • “Maximalist Decor Vintage” search +350%

What To Write About:

If you are a rental company, showcase your antique-inspired pieces and how to incorporate them with modern accents. Bonus points if you make some moodboards with color and pattern inspiration! For planners, show off your favorite venues that offer an antique and historic feel. For photographers, showcase your favorite ways couples have used vintage finds in past weddings.


This is for my cake artists out there! The pandemic brought back baking, and now it’s all about the aesthetic. Inspired by flowers, natural flavors, colors, and even real flower accents are popular.

The Stats:

  • “Daisy Cupcakes” +85%
  • “Wildflower Cupcakes” +110%
  • “Sage Green Cupcakes” +210%

What To Write About:

If you are a cake artist, showcase your favorite cakes! This is your time to shine! Cupcakes are also trending, so don’t forget to highlight any mini desserts. Not a dessert maker? Profile your favorite in your area while sharing your favorite designs from 2022.


GET YOUR BLOGGING ON, inspired by 2023 Pinterest Trends!

I hope that these blog topics inspired you to get writing, today! Love these blog topics, but don’t have time to write them yourself? No problem – blogging is our LOVE language! We have a team of writers who can turn this prompt into a completely custom blog that targets YOUR audience. No one-size-fits-all content around here, my friend. Check out our services here!


2023 Pinterest Trend Report - What Wedding Vendors Need To Know

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