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Equally Wed Pro Certified

Blogs written per year for our clients

Years of combined experience

Wedding pros served since 2018

You’re not just a wedding pro — you’re an artist, creating

fine art experiences for your clients through every celebration.

Still, while you’re amazingly gifted at serving your clients once they’ve booked you, your marketing feels beyond overwhelming.

You didn’t start your business to write blogs all day (or, ya know, stare at a blinking cursor), plan posts, or figure out what the heck your analytics are saying to you. It all feels like a different language — if only you could learn it, you could reach even more aligned clients.

At this point in business, you’re becoming highly selective about the clients you serve. Instead of booking out weddings every weekend, you’re ready to book fewer but better clients. To spend more time with your family. To have more white space on the calendar without sacrificing your income.

As an expert wedding pro, you love your art, and you’re dang good at it. But the backend marketing tasks are simply not what you signed up for when you started your business. 

Now, you’re ready to get back to the beautiful world of working on your clients’ weddings and hand off the rest to a trusted, experienced team who’s got your back.

What would it be like to know that your marketing is

fully taken care of for you —

that everything from your blogs to your Pinterest, SEO, and even email marketing were totally off your plate?

As wedding pros turned marketers ourselves, we know the wedding industry inside out. We’re here to support you and be your partner in all things wedding marketing.

Here are just a few of the items we can take care of for you                        

every month.

Because each project & strategy  is completely customized to you, we may start with just some items on this list and build up to more items as we work together. 

From idea generation to writing to keyword optimization. We’ll learn how you speak and write as you, so your clients will feel they’re authentically connecting with you, not a robot. Plus, we can cull and select the best of the best images that showcase your incredible talent. Available as Blog Bundles or Monthly Blog Writing.

Starts at $300 per blog post.


Packages include graphic creation, video Pins, Tailwind scheduling, keyword research, and analytics. Your Pinterest will align with your aesthetic, be a total vibe, but, also, get those clicks headed to your website so you have more visitors who are excited to find wedding pros just like you!

Starts at $600 per month and must be paired with our blogging package.

pinterest management

Email is the best way for your potential clients hear from you on the regular. We’ll brainstorm the right freebie with you so you can reach the right kinds of clients without wasting time on something that doesn’t work. We’ll also help you get started with email marketing programs like FloDesk or Convertkit.
Newsletters start at $275 per newsletter.
Funnels & Nurture Sequences start at $650.
Quizzes start at $1300.

Email newsletters, freebie Funnels, nurture sequences & quizzes

available for b2c and b2b

We create endless content, repurposed from past blogs, newsletters, and website copy, outlined so all you have to do is copy & paste onto your social media platform (we can even make 30+ IG graphic banks for you!). We can also outline six month - 12 month content calendars, complete with blog topics, social media prompts, newsletters, and more - so you always know what to talk about.
Repurposing starts at $400.
Content Calendars start at $600.

Content repurposing
& Content calendar creation

From single strategy calls, to complete Fractional CMO packages, we can help you launch a new business, expand into a new market, or capture your ideal audience. Popular services include keyword research, competitor analysis, ideal client profiles, and marketing messaging.

Strategy calls $300 per hour.

marketing strategy, market research & consulting

You name it, our team of incredible writers can write it. From conversion copy, to full website copy, to marketing materials - we have written it all.

Website copywriting starts at $450 per page.
Full website copywriting starts at $3200.


With our customization packages, you get the best of both worlds - the cost-effectiveness of a website template and the customization to make it uniquely yours.  We also prioritize the implementation of all the necessary SEO elements for your website. With our expertise, your website will be fully optimized.

Showit & Squarespace Template Setups start at $1500
Website & SEO Audits start at $600

showit & squarespace template setup, SEO Audits & reports

Our process works by creating a

holistic marketing core that works for you. 

Don’t worry, you don’t need to have a marketing plan in place before we start working together. You don’t even need to know exactly which strategies you’d like to implement! We’ll work together to assess your business and grow a portfolio that works for you.

01. Your Goals

We start with purposeful KPIs so we know exactly what we’re here to do and how to accomplish it.

It starts with your website and extends into three areas...

02. Your Client Attraction

We build a client attraction system through SEO, Pinterest, your website, and more.

03. Your Connection Building

We build purposeful connections through the power of blogging, social media, emails, and funnels.

Every full-service retainer with us


A 30-minute kickoff  marketing strategy call.

Marketing strategy roadmap that outlines your ideal audience, seasonality, SEO keywords, competition analysis, and SO. MUCH. MORE.

Website audit analyzing your current site and giving you actionable recommendations.

One marketing strategy session per quarter.

Quarterly Google Analytics reporting (or setup, if needed!).

We know marketing 

so you don’t have to.

See for yourself what our clients say about working with a marketing studio who gets the wedding industry…

I love how efficient and organized Ava And The Bee have been. By working with them, it has saved me time and helped me focus on editing all my sessions and weddings.

Before working with Ava and The Bee, I was struggling with keeping up with blogging and pinning my images. At first, I was a little hesitant to outsource blogging and pinning, but it has been a lifesaver! I appreciate all the work they have done for me. I love seeing my blogs and pins growing on my website and Pinterest account. I love how efficient and organized Ava And The Bee have been. 

- Mika - Mika LH Photography


I started outsourcing everything that wasn’t getting done, or I didn’t like doing, or I wasn’t good at (it was a long list!) and they rock every single project I give them. From prompt communication to delivering exceptional work, I have loved working with them every step of the way! Do your business the biggest favor possible and hire them immediately!” 

-Wendy Norman at Apt. B Photography

Since working with Ava And The Bee, I've been able to devote more time to client work and I've recently seen an uptick in inquiries. Their blog writing and photo culling is exactly how I would do it myself, so it felt very authentic to trust them with my brand.

- Emily, Ponderosa Planning

Clients Who Work With Us See...

Steady growth across their social media channels

Inquiries from couples that are more aligned with their style and price point

Ability to target new locations and build authority with SEO

More visitors to their website and higher conversion rates

Features in top wedding media

OK, I'm in.

I’m ready to invest!

Imagine the incredible ROI you’ll see when you’re able to take a step back from trying to do *all the things* and implement a custom-made marketing strategy managed by a team of professionals. Trust us when we say every client we’ve worked with has experienced an increase in freedom, growth, and satisfaction in their business.

Our fully custom ongoing services start at $800, but clients often spend anywhere from $1,200 to $2,500 per month.

Here’s what a few of our clients said

about outsourcing their marketing and taking this next step in business with us as their team

"It’s always scary when starting to consider outsourcing things...

Are they going to know who my client is? Are they going to be able to speak in my voice? For people who are still kind of worried about the financial commitment, the freedom that it gives you to not have to look at social media constantly – I would pay any amount of money for that. I know that things are being done the most effective way, in terms of social media marketing. They know how to do that way better than most of us do, because we don’t have any kind of degree in marketing. As wedding pros, we just want to do fun creative stuff. Ava is worth her weight in gold."

- Izzy Hudgins, Izzy and Co.

"I would highly encourage anybody to really look at their budget and see if working with Ava is something they can fit into their budget because it really has freed up so much of my time.

While I don’t think I’m a great writer, I do enjoy putting things together and strategizing but Ava is so much better with her words than I am and now I can actually say that yes, blogs and newsletter do actually help move the needle forward. Ava has come in and allowed me to do other things I need to do to move the needle even more.”

- Jessica Mattingly

Not ready for us to take over your marketing just yet? 

The Marketing Roadmap VIP Week was made for you.

You need direction and clarity in your marketing, and you’re simply not finding it in freebies and DIY solutions. No, you need a wedding marketing expert to come alongside you and help you figure out your marketing so you can share what your business is all about with ease.

In just one week, come away with a marketing plan that you can implement right away. Not only will you receive a complete marketing strategy, but you’ll also know exactly how to connect with your dream clients through pre-selling marketing that makes it easy for dream clients to fall in love with your services before they ever reach out.

We start with a tailored questionnaire and a deep-dive Zoom call, then get to work on your custom Marketing Roadmap. You’ll receive everything along with a Loom explainer walking you through implementing the plan. At the end of the week, we’ll wrap up with one final Zoom call to review your roadmap and make sure you come away feeling fully confident in your next steps!


Video recording of what to do on your website, with SEO Keyword research.


From what you can do to set yourself apart, to what they’re doing that you should be doing, too


An audit of all of your online accounts, to ensure they are consistent (and what to update!)


12 educational blog topics, just for your audience, with an outline of what to talk about.


An audit of your social media & Pinterest, with what to do to update.


A custom guide to your area's trends, seasonality & quarterly themes to guide your content.


It's not just demographics - it's about how they shop, make decisions, and how to stand out from the rest.


You will get a six-month plan to show you how to implement, step-by-step.

Also includes

45 minute kickoff call
Loom video walkthrough of your Marketing Roadmap
60 minute call to explain your marketing roadmap and answer all your questions
BONUS: Access to our Blogs That Book course to help you write better blogs (a $500 value!)

Your investment


(or two payments of $1250)


Asked Questions

Are you inclusive?

YES! We are LGBTQ+ allies, and every single team member is a Certified Inclusive Pro, with a certification from Equally Wed Pro. As a team, we regularly educate ourselves on LGBTQ+ topics, as well as DEI.

Do we have to do all these items or can I choose a few to start with?

We list our capabilities to give you an idea of what’s possible, but know that we can create a streamlined package for you to begin with before you add on other items. We typically begin with blogging and SEO, and add on as needed from there! 

How long do I need to commit to your services?

We have a six month minimum commitment for full-service marketing. Many of our clients have been with us since we opened our doors in 2018, so rest assured we can fully take marketing off your plate for the long term. If you are looking for a non-monthly commitment, we have a variety of single project services available, including blog bundles,  Pinterest setups and audits, and Showit template setups!

It’s time to discover what freedom feels like and get back to doing what you love –

serving your clients well and living your life.