Personalized. Strategy-Driven. Expert. Marketing.

That’s what you’ll get when you work with us.

Outsourcing can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Meet the team you’ll be working with and know that you’re so welcomed and supported here. 

We’re here to be the (marketing) brains of your business so you can see steady growth, better inquiries, and consistency so solid you’ll never have to take on another blog post, pin, or SEO strategy by yourself ever again. Phew.

Hi there! We’re Ava & the Bee, the in-house marketing studio for wedding professionals ready for

inclusive, results-driven marketing that creates freedom in their business and cultivates a client experience

before couples ever start the conversation.

In a world where couples want connection with their wedding vendors and search for the pros they work with online, you can’t forget about your online presence. 

Still, it can be challenging to build the kinds of connections you want to have with dream clients. There’s so much that goes into having a ‘good’ online presence as a wedding pro. Sometimes it feels like too much to handle on top of your existing clients and alllll the weddings you’re already working.

We get it.

Running your wedding business can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. By outsourcing your marketing, you can not only elevate your business as a whole but also offer a superior client experience before your dream couples ever inquire. If that sounds perfect, you’re definitely in the right place!

I’m Ava, a former wedding pro turned marketing expert who fell in love with the industry allll the way back in high school.

I’ve never looked back.

Wide eyed and just 23 years old, I co-opened a bridal boutique, wedding planning, and florist company in Savannah, GA fresh out of college. While I loved the wedding industry, I found that I was absolutely obsessed with marketing my business, too. While some of my fellow wedding pros found the analytics, the blog posts, the Pinterest pins tedious, marketing brought out my inner creative. 

Since our marketing was so aligned, we created such solid connections with our clients that we scaled to a 7-figure wedding business in just a few years. Still, I felt a tug inside pulling me in a new direction.

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At that point in my wedding career, I’d sold hundreds of gowns, planned over 100 weddings, and made more bridesmaids’ bouquets than I care to admit. We’d built a loyal following — customers would drive hours to our shop knowing we were the place for them. 

We served our clients well and loved our work.

At a crossroads in my life and ready for a change, I knew what I wanted to do — help fellow wedding professionals create the loyalty we had in our wedding business and make them feel so taken care of and supported that the stress would just — poof! — disappear.

In 2018, I began Ava & the Bee as a virtual assistant helping wedding pros with their marketing. My first clients were wedding vendor friends who trusted me — many of whom are still clients today!

Now, six years later, we’ve grown into a wedding marketing agency that’s been trusted by hundreds of wedding pros to take the stress out of their marketing, help them reach dreamy clients, and feel empowered by their analytics. I’ve been interviewed on podcasts like Weddings For Real, The Wedding Pro CEO, Elevate Your Wedding Business, This Week In Weddings, and more. Every year, I also attend industry events, including Wedding MBA, to stay up to date on all things weddings and marketing.

I always tell my clients that the day I stop learning is the day I stop serving. I’m always doing something for professional development to stay up to date on all the latest in both marketing and the wedding industry, so you can rest confidently knowing that we know both what’s trending and what’s timeless. 

My team and I are truly overjoyed to serve you well and take on your marketing so you don’t have to.

While we're on the subject,

allow me to introduce the dream team.

These women will have your back at every turn. 


team lead, strategist, WRITER, & EDITOR

After planning her own wedding, Erin fell in love with the wedding industry. She enjoyed planning her own wedding so much that she decided she wanted to write about them, too!

With undergrad and grad school degrees in English, Erin has been working as a writer and editor since graduating in 2018. She has been with Ava And The Bee since 2020.

Now, she supports our clients as a the team lead, keeping everything organized and helps create marketing strategies, blogs and other marketing materials for our clients.


team writer

A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh’s English Writing Program, Sierra writes blogs and other content for our clients. She’s been in the shoes of your clients and knows the challenges of planning a wedding. Sierra planned her wedding concurrently with her final year of college and walked down the aisle just two weeks after receiving her degree. Her own experience of planning her wedding gave her a deep appreciation for the work that wedding professionals do. Now, she helps wedding pros with well-written, purposeful content that is fully in tune with their needs, pain points, and desires.

A Pennsylvania native, Sierra now lives near Annapolis, Maryland with her husband and Beans the Corgi. Outside of work, she enjoys singing nonstop and shopping for vintage and secondhand treasures.


Equally Wed Pro Certified


Blogs written per year for our clients


Years of combined experience


Wedding pros served since 2018



What we

believe in.


We believe in being reliable and trustworthy for our clients. We know the stress and struggles of business ownership, and know the value of trust. Our clients trust us with a variety of personal and private information.

Your content is an extension of your client experience.


We believe that love is love and support LGBTQ+ rights. That black lives matter and that kindness is everything.

Consistency and Quality

We believe in consistency. Our clients know our work and know what to expect from us month after month. Our work is on time, superior in quality, and done quickly and efficiently.


We believe a healthy work-life balance is vital to sustainable success, for both our clients and team members.

Let’s make sure you give your people the best possible experience.


We believe that successful engagement comes through open and flowing communication.

Ps - Looking for a Speaker for your upcoming event?

I have experience speaking at both virtual and live events, as well as podcasts and memberships, educating wedding professionals to feel empowered in their marketing! If you're looking for a speaker for your next conference, workshop, or podcast, I would love to collaborate! 

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