why did you start your business in the first place?

Chances are, it wasn’t to spend your weekdays blogging and creating consistent content. Or spending hours figuring out a strategy for your marketing.

✨ I bet it was because you are an artist, a dreamer, and a lover of love stories.

✨ And I bet it was because you wanted to be there with couples on this incredible day, and walk them through this process.

As a former wedding pro, I know the hard work it takes to get your marketing off the ground. You’ve worked so many years to turn this business into a well-oiled machine. You know your ideal customer, and you’re ready to level up. Maybe you’re going from 40 weddings a year, to just 20 incredible (and profitable!) events. Or you’re growing your team and are ready to take on a full schedule.

But your digital marketing? Well, let’s just say that might have taken a back seat. Chances are, you might be a few blogs behind (Or 30. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you!). Or you haven’t done your Pinterest in months, but know that it is pure magic. (Really, it is!)

At Ava And The Bee, we are there for wedding professionals who are ready to up-level their business, and build a lasting reputation.

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Erin got interested in weddings after planning her own. She found researching and planning her wedding to be so much fun that she decided she wanted to write about them too!

Erin went to undergrad and grad school for English and has been working as a writer and editor ever since graduating in 2018. She loves having the opportunity to write about weddings and work with wedding professionals. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband, cat, and new baby boy.

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account manager + blogger

Kara is a social media strategist from sunny Florida where she lives with her Fiancé. Before joining the Ava and the Bee team, she worked as a wedding planner, planning weddings both small and large throughout Florida! After having fun spending weekends planning events, she then settled into her long-term position as a bridal stylist at a local bridal boutique. She now enjoys working from home supporting wedding professionals and helping them grow their online presence through their blog and Pinterest.

When she is not working, she can be found sitting poolside with friends chatting about the latest Netflix shows they are binging or planning her next trip abroad (including a possible Italy elopement!)


marketing + pinterst guru

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Sierra is a recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh’s English Writing program. She planned her wedding concurrently with her final year of school and walked down the aisle just two weeks after earning her diploma! Through her wedding planning process, she gained a deep appreciation for the work that wedding professionals do.

She loves writing for Ava and the Bee and having the opportunity to build up small businesses!

A Pennsylvania native, Sierra now lives near Annapolis, Maryland with her husband and Beans the corgi. Outside of work, she enjoys singing nonstop and shopping for vintage and secondhand treasures.




former wedding pro turned marketing expert

But you can call me Ava! I’m a former wedding planner, florist and bridal boutique owner turned digital marketer. I am an expert at all things weddings: from what brides love, to what vendors love. I can spot a Hayley Paige gown from a mile away, and know designers like the back of my hand.

I am an ISFJ (but more ambivert!), Enneagram 9w1, and 5-4-6-5 on the Kolbe.

My journey in the wedding industry started over a decade ago, wide-eyed and ready for the world. I fell in love with the industry in High School, and I’ve never looked back. At 23 I co-opened a bridal boutique, wedding planning, and florist company in Savannah, GA.

I have sold hundreds of gowns, done over 100 weddings, and have made more bridesmaids’ bouquets than I care to admit. My work has been featured in print and online, including Savannah Weddings Magazine, Green Wedding Shoes, 100 Layer Cake, Ruffled, and Carolina Bride.

I have been interviewed on a variety of podcasts including This Week In Weddings, She Creates Business, Elevate Your Wedding Business, and more. I’ve been honored to be an expert at multiple industry events, including the Wedding Business CEO Summit.

When I’m not in my office - wearing my signature cotton v neck T shirt - you can find me at the pottery studio, eating peppermint patties and spending time with my Husband, Frank.


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