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What Content To Share in Q3

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July 18, 2022

Every quarter I will share the top content you will need to discuss, all back with strategy and data! And today is all about Q3!

Q3 is either your busy season or your slow season, depending on where you are in the US. For example, the summer is just too hot for weddings if you are in the South. So this is the time where you rest and prep for a busy fall.

For our couples, the summer tends to be a slower season for planning since they are often out of the office and on vacation (or at weddings!). We start to see an uptick in planning to start in September.

This is when you can start shifting to lots of real-time content that is focused on all the events happening. While you want to talk about real events all year round, this can be a great time to share! Make sure to always get behind the scene images at every single wedding – including video!

A few ideas for behind-the-scenes video:

  • A picture of you at work behind the scenes
  • A before and after of the ceremony
  • A before and after of the reception
  • A quick video of the couple walking together during their portraits
  • A detail shot of the flowers

This only takes a few minutes on the day of, and should be added to your wedding day timeline. If you don’t have the time, hire an assistant! You can have someone come for a few hours, help you with your gear or setup, and task them to get behind-the-scenes content.

Looking for info on Q2? Check it out here!

Q3 Blogs for Wedding Pros

July: Tips

Tips for Planning a Friday Wedding: A lot of venues are booked up for 2023, which means more couples have to do Friday (or Sunday!) weddings. No matter what type of vendor you are, you can cover the pros/cons for Friday weddings and include tips!

What’s the Difference Between a Micro Wedding and Elopement?: While we are seeing larger weddings trending, it doesn’t mean couples aren’t also eloping or doing micro-weddings! The pandemic made these intimate affairs more “socially acceptable” (even though we know they are amazing), so couples are leaning into the trend.

Why Couples Need An Album: Albums and heirloom products are an incredible up-sell in your business. Teach your clients why purchasing a high-quality album is so important – and why they should go through you vs. some online shop they found on Google. This can also be turned into multiple blog posts for each item you sell.

Blogging SEO Course for Wedding Pros and Vendors

August: Trends + Details

What To Wear To a Fall/Winter Wedding: This is a breakout topic on Google Trends, which means it is very popular right now! Remember that even wedding guests can be potential clients – so a blog on what to wear (and even break it down my wedding formality!) will be helpful.

What To Wear to a Black Tie Event: One of the biggest trends we are seeing in 2023? Ultra formal weddings! I know I am personally going to a black-tie optional wedding this year, for the first time years. Showcase what to wear, and add affiliate links if possible. This could also be a great topic for photographers since you can even talk about how to up-level your engagement session to be Black Tie.

What Questions Couples Need to Ask Wedding Photographers: As we start to enter the fall, couples are going to be planning again and making appointments. A great blog topics for photographers are what questions to ask a wedding photographer!



Q3 Blogs for Wedding Pros

September: Back To Basics

How to Plan a Wedding: It’s time to get back to the basics. Couples spent two years focusing on smaller events or postponing the planning as they waited out the pandemic. And now they are ultra curious and wondering where to start! This is currently up 300% in search volume, so a great topic for Q3.

How Many People Should I Invite to My Wedding: This is another trending topic – and as you can see from the graphic is a HUGE spike from 2021. This is perfect for stationery artists (talk about how to create a guest list, or rules for plus ones) and planners. This is up 900% on Google right now!

What You Need at a Black Tie Wedding: A common question I am seeing online, like on Reddit, is what makes a black tie wedding, well, black-tie. Is it unleveled decor? Guest activities? Champagne around every corner? Depending on your area, this might look different, but share what couples can do to elevate their wedding to be “Black Tie”

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