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Why The Client Experience is Important for Your Marketing

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January 11, 2023

There’s a theme I’ve been hearing a lot lately. It’s that marketing is all about the client experience. This concept was spoken very well at Wed Pro Cor, a conference I went to in September hosted by Wedding Wire + The Knot. The discussion emphasized how we as wedding pros should focus on building authentic connections, storytelling, and creating unique experiences for our clients in 2023. But why is this important, you ask? I’m breaking it all down for ya here!

But First, What is Connection Marketing?

In case you haven’t already picked up on it, I teach marketing a little bit differently than some other marketers. I see wedding marketing as so much more than just social media, but connection marketing to attract your ideal clients. Connection marketing is about bringing that authentic human connection forward, and showing that you are not just the expert at what you do, but that you are someone they can trust.

When it comes to wedding pros, your goal is to find clients, right? But, if all you did online was say, “Book me today!” chances are, you wouldn’t get a lot of hits. So you want to focus on sharing content across all of your engaging platforms that tells a story and speaks to your ideal couples. Think about this if you were a couple or client: Are you more likely to buy from a total stranger hawking their product – or someone who you know and trust? Content marketing provides value to customers before the sales pitch—building familiarity and trust. This dramatically increases the chances that the sale will be successful and that customers will send more business your way in the future. 

Your Audience’s Needs are Changing…

…and so should your marketing! Again, I can’t stress how much I have been hearing how Millennials + Get Z are no longer booking vendors just from pretty images. It’s all about cultivating real connections, pulling your audience in with a story, and creating a unique experience all-around. This means wedding pros need to change the way they market based on what their audience finds important when working with a vendor. So, when that perfectly-curated IG feed falls short in the sales department, this could be why!  

The Client Experience Starts Long Before They Inquire With You

Your client experience is simply how the person feels before, during, and after the event.

It begins way before someone even decides to inquire with you. Maybe they’re not going to be your customer today, but they might be your customer tomorrow. Remember: for 99% of your couples, you are one of MANY that they are reaching out to for your services. And from the time they inquire to the time they pick a vendor –it will take 30 days or less. 

Because chances are, they are going to spend months creeping before they ever reach out. For example: The maid of honor at your most recent client’s wedding isn’t engaged yet, but will be soon. So they start looking at your Instagram. Then your website. Then they start having some questions on where to start when it comes to planning. Do you have any resources for them? THIS is the time to capture them, not just when they decide to reach out. 

This creeping phase is exactly where your client experience begins, which is why your marketing needs to connect – so that you build that know, like and trust factor before you ever talk to them one on one. Having a comprehensive client experience in place before, during, and after their wedding makes connecting with new clients effortless because that amazing experience will be apparent from the start. 

Think About What Your Current Client Experience is

Finally, it’s important to consider what your current client experience is like. Start thinking about: What was the experience like for a follower when they came across a post on your Instagram? Did it tag all the vendors? Did it have your voice? Do they see your face ever, or is it all just other weddings and events? Are you positioning yourself as the expert, who is there to guide them through this process? 

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Why the client experience is important when marketing your wedding business.

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