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What Content to Share In Q4 for Wedding Professionals

If you are a wedding vendor or wedding professional that isn’t sure what to talk about on your blog, or social media, this is for you! Every quarter I will share the top content you will need to discuss, all back with strategy and data! And today is all about Q4! Q4 is all about […]

Everything Wedding Pros Wish They Knew When They Started Their Business- Featured on Catersource

I haven’t always been a marketing professional for wedding vendors. In fact, I used to be a wedding pro myself! At the age of 18 I started working in the wedding industry and never looked back. In 2013 I opened a wedding planning, bridal boutique, and florist company in Savannah, Georgia. And let me tell […]

Episode #56: Build That Business Podcast

As a wedding professional, do you know where the client experience begins? Do you get so busy during the wedding season that you forget to snag content that showcases your couple? In Episode 56 of the Build That Business Podcast with Lindsay J Williams, we talk about your client experience and how to enhance that […]

When Is It Time To Hire A Virtual Assistant?

Maybe you are at a cross-road and are wondering, “Is it time to hire a virtual assistant or to outsource?”. First off, congratulations! Needing to outsource help is a good thing! It means that you are growing your business successfully, and it’s time to do more. Adding a team member can be daunting, and the idea […]

Ava and the bee virtual assistant and social media manager

It’s halfway through Summer, and if you are in the wedding industry, this means halfway through Wedding Season (unless you are down South, shout out to my Southern vendors! This is your time off so BREATHE!) And if you were like me in the middle of wedding season, you need a break. In fact, you […]

What to write and blog about in q3

Every quarter I will share the top content you will need to discuss, all back with strategy and data! And today is all about Q3! Q3 is either your busy season or your slow season, depending on where you are in the US. For example, the summer is just too hot for weddings if you […]

5 Blog Topics for Wedding Pros (Based on 2022 Pinterest Trends!)

One of my favorite tools to find trends is Pinterest! As you probably already know, weddings are HUGE on Pinterest. Not only is it continuously a top trend, but I guarantee that most of your couples have a Pinterest board when they plan their wedding. (I know I did!) Pinners turn to Pinterest for inspiration, […]

Blogging for Wedding Pros - Blog Services - Ava And The Bee

One of the most common questions I get asked as a content marketer for wedding pros is, “Adrienna, how often do I need to post a blog?!” So today, I want to let you in on a little secret: Blogging isn’t about frequency. It’s about consistency. The key to blogging is to post consistently. That […]

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