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The Right Order To Start Marketing As a Wedding Pro

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February 20, 2024

When it comes to marketing in the wedding industry, many wedding vendors tend to focus solely on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. While these are incredibly valuable, effective marketing encompasses a complete circle of all your online platforms working together seamlessly.

Your website is at the core of this marketing circle—a vital home directing every traffic lead and point. Investing in things like blogging, Instagram, or Ads before your website is perfected is not going to give you the ROI you are looking for. If you are leading traffic to a website that doesn’t perform, you are just wasting your hard-earned money! Today, we are sharing our step-by-step guide on how to start marketing so you know exactly what to do and in which order!

The Final Stage of Building Our House is Your Marketing

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How to market your wedding business: Your marketing

1. Start With Your Website And SEO:

Your website is the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. Every single thing I do as a marketer for wedding pros is to drive couples to your website. We want them to learn about your services, view your work, begin to trust you, and ultimately contact you. 

You must also focus your website on search engine optimization (SEO). A gorgeous design is a fraction of what a website should be. It needs to combine design, copywriting, SEO, and a focus on User Experience. Investing in SEO ensures that your website ranks well in search engine results, driving organic traffic and increasing your visibility to potential clients.

2. Set Up Analytics:

Incorporating regular measurement of your marketing efforts is crucial for ongoing optimization. How can you know if something is working if you don’t track it? We recommend tools like Google Analytics and social media insights to track performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions about future strategies.

3. Get Your Google Business Profile Listing

This is often one of the most underused marketing strategies—but one of the easiest to do! When someone searches a business’s name, your Google My Business (now called Google Business Profile) is not only a huge ranking factor in Local SEO; it is also the tool that informs all native Google products. Once you make your account, create posts monthly to show Google you are updating your profile. I also recommend adding new images quarterly to make sure it is up to date, and captivating your audience.

Always respond to the reviews. This not only lets you connect with your audience and really shows you care, but it also lets Google know you are consistently engaging. Pro Tip: Include keywords in your responses! For example, you are a wedding planner. Respond to a review with, “Thank you for working with [your business name!] for your wedding planning! It was such a joy to work with you at the [venue, city]….””

4. Add On Blogging:

Blogging is the first piece to start with once you have a solid website and Google Analytics set up. It improves your website’s SEO and allows you to showcase your expertise and provide valuable content to potential couples. Plus, it is the base for repurposing! The core part of our strategy at Ava And The Bee is taking your blog posts and breaking them down to all of the other platforms. Every blog can be shared on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram and even turned into video. 

Blogging course for wedding vendors, professionals, planners and photographers

5. Pinterest:

Pinterest is a goldmine for wedding professionals. Think about it for a minute: No matter what type of wedding vendor you are, 90% of your clients have a Pinterest board filled with inspiration. With millions of users searching for wedding inspiration daily, it’s a platform you can’t afford to ignore.

It is also a powerful search engine (and not social media!). A solid local keyword strategy is key to booking clients on Pinterest. Pinterest provides analytics and insights into the performance of your pins and boards, allowing you to track engagement, click-through rates, and other metrics. Utilize Pinterest to showcase your portfolio, attract engaged couples to your website, and target local clients effectively.

6. Instagram:

Instagram offers a visual portfolio and a direct place where you can share your expertise and build trust with your audience. Utilize features like Stories to show the face behind the brand since authenticity is what couples want in a vendor. Plus, Gen Z love stories! Remember, Instagram isn’t just about pretty pictures—it’s about storytelling and building authentic connections.

7. Facebook (or Other Platforms):

While Instagram may seem like the go-to platform for wedding professionals, don’t overlook the power of Facebook. With its broad user base, including both millennials and their parents, Facebook can provide significant exposure and engagement opportunities for your business. Plus, it is very easy to share! Create a gallery for each wedding with the top 20 images, and let the couple know you shared it – almost all of your couples will post on their Facebook page! Instagram can’t give you that kind of direct exposure to your ideal client. If you are new to the platform, start with posting 2-3 times per week. Share your blog posts, image galleries, and Instagram posts. This will allow you to start to see what your audience likes to read and see, so you can better adjust your strategy. 

8. Local Listings And Directories:

Most major markets have a local listing or directory guide, and some even have a magazine. But wedding vendors often overlook these local publications. Not only are these great to be on for SEO and backlinks, but they also connect you with your local community of vendors.

We recommend a free listing for other platforms, like The Knot, Wedding Wire, or Zola. This way, you can get a strong backlink to your website and gather testimonials without paying thousands of dollars a month.

9. Funnels:

Building an email list allows you to nurture leads, share valuable content, and drive traffic back to your website. There are two main types of funnels we recommend starting with.

First, is the inquiry nurture email funnel. Once you’ve captured a lead, use email marketing or your CRM to nurture them through a series of emails. These emails will provide relevant content, showcase your expertise, and gently guide them toward booking your services. I also love this strategy because it can turn a cold audience into a hot lead. For example, what if someone contacts you, but their wedding is in 2025 or 2026? They are a cold lead, not booking yet. What are the odds they will remember you? Slim unless you nurture them! 

Second is the freebie lead magnet funnel. This is a free PDF, video, or small item that they get in exchange for their email. The freebie will often solve a question they have. You will email them 3-4 times once they get the guide (with a few days between each email), warming them up. 

Once you have started collecting email addresses, you can create a monthly newsletter that shares blog posts, recent weddings, or tips for planning their wedding. This way, you are always top of mind!

Marketing funnel and freebie course for wedding professionals, planners, photographers, vendors

10. Consistency And Testing:

Remember, marketing takes time, and consistency is key. Test new platforms for at least six months before evaluating their effectiveness – especially anything SEO-focused. Consistency is crucial for SEO-focused content like blogging—aim to publish at least one blog post per month year-round. And don’t forget to track your analytics and test! Marketing isn’t a formula you can rinse and repeat. It needs to be updated and adjusted over time, and you need to track your data to see what is working and what needs to change.

Get Ready to Start Marketing As a Wedding Pro!

Mastering wedding marketing requires a holistic approach that encompasses your website, blogging, social media platforms, and email marketing. By following this step-by-step guide and embracing the complete circle of marketing, you can increase your visibility, attract more ideal couples, and grow your business.

If you are looking for a team to help, we offer both strategy-only and full-service marketing! Whether you need guidance or someone to take everything off your plate, we can help. Learn more about our services!

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