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I often hear people say that Pinterest is just for looking at images and DIY inspiration. WRONG! Pinterest is first and foremost a search engine and is essential for your business. I’ve had a Pinterest account for a few years, but never really used it to its full advantage. I would just pin what I thought was cool, and not focus on it.

So What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a virtual search engine – not a social media platform. Many times, wedding professionals think of their Pinterest as an extension of their Instagram. However, Pinterest is more similar to Google than Instagram! This is for a few reasons:

  • Like Google, Pinterest displays the best, most relevant content first. In fact, Pinterest algorithm judges your content with an internal ranking system, to determine who has the best pins. It shows content in your feed based on how good it thinks the content is.
  • Like Google, Pinterest uses keywords to show relevant content to viewers. This means that having a keyword strategy is essential to a successful Pinterest.

Pinterest drives traffic to your site from people who click on the Pins you share. This can lead to a blog post, an image gallery, or a service or product you offer. As a wedding pro, this will often lead to a blog post.

Today I want to share with you my Top 5 Tips for Pinterest, just for wedding professionals – updated for 2022!

Make a Pinterest Business Account

The first step is simply making sure your Pinterest is set up as a business account. This is going to give you access to analytics, which is how you will start seeing if Pinterest is working for you.

Having an account just for your business will also help your analytics – if you have too much of a mix of content, Pinterest will not be able to figure out what you do, and your content might not reach as many people.

Remember: the key is to target your audience. Your Pinterest is not for you – it is for your audience!

Setting up an account is easy:

  • Go to to set up
  • Once you set up, Pinterest will walk you though claiming your website. Claiming ensures that your name and profile picture will appear on every Pin with your content, whether you created the Pin yourself or someone else created it from one of your sites. 
  • Sites like Squarespace will let you connect in the settings. Or you can add the meta tag to the header of your website.

Don’t want to set up your account? No problem! We offer Pinterest and Tailwind account setups!

Free Pinterest Guide For Wedding Pros - 2022

Clean Up Your Boards

If you are like most pinners (and like me before I started upping my Pinterest game) you had a ton of boards. From Halloween Costumes to Makeup Tutorials, you are probably all over the place. This is the best place to start! Go through your boards and cleanse! Only keep the boards that are pertinent to your brand and hide the rest.

When making your boards, I want you to think about your ideal client. If they are looking for a fine art, film photographer in California, make boards that are relevant! This can include a “Fine Art Poses” board, “Romantic California Weddings”, “Film Photography Inspiration” and “California Coastal Weddings.”

Some other board ideas include:

  • [Your Business Name Here] – I always recommend having one board that houses all of your blog posts, and tilting it your business name.
  • Wedding Attire and Accessories – Bridal gowns and wedding attire are HUGE on Pinterest – Couples want to see what their gown or attire will look like in real life!
  • Wedding Venues in [Your City] – Target those local clients in your area
  • [Your City] Elopements – This is especially important in 2022 as elopements continue grow in popularity.
  • Bridal Bouquet and Flowers – Another huge Pinterest trend: flowers and details.
  • Engagement Outfit Inspiration – This is a great one to share with your clients once they book you!

Don’t forget to create a board for your website!

No matter what your product is, create a board on Pinterest to house it! If you are a wedding photographer, include images you share on your website and blog. If you are a writer, create graphic pins to show off your work! Each time you create a blog, pin it!

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Looking to outsource your Pinterest, and hire a professional? We can help!

Connect your Website and Instagram

Next, you will claim your website, Instagram, and enable Rich Pins. This is an important step many people skip! Claiming your website is simple. Anytime someone pins an item from your website, or from your Instagram, you want it to link back to your website or Instagram.

Once you claim your website, your profile name and link will show up on all content that is pinned from your claimed sites. That means you can ensure your content is properly credited, even when you don’t share it yourself!

Pin what your viewers want to see

I know you might just want to pin everything you see to get more content… but don’t! It is important to only pin what is on-brand, and what your ideal client will want to see. If your ideal client hates is sophisticated, older, and hates hot pink weddings, why would you pin a ton of hot pink weddings?!

So how do you find out what your viewers want to see? Once you have a business profile, Pinterest has a handy tool called Audience Insights. Go to your Analytics, and at the bottom, you will see Audience Insights. This handy tool tells you EXACTLY what your audience is. You can even click on each category under Categories and Interests to see exactly how that audience is broken down.


Top 5 Pinterest Tips For Wedding Professionals


Automate, automate, automate!

This is the MOST important thing! I know you don’t want to spend hours every day pinning, so I recommend Tailwind. Tailwind is an incredible application that allows you to create a great Pinterest strategy, and schedule pins in advance. And one of the coolest features is their Best Time To Pin timeclock! Yes, Tailwind even tells you the best time to pin! Tailwind looks at your followers and schedules the pins automatically to go up at the perfect time. Cool, right?

I spend around 30 minutes a week pinning, and that is it! By using Tailwind, I am able to batch schedule pins, so I have a week of content. As we speak, I have content through the next 3 weeks, with 10-15 pins going up each day. Tailwind has some incredible features, too much to share here! But some of my favorites include Bulk Scheduling, Best Time To Pin and Board Insight.

Looking for more detailed information on how to use Tailwind? Check out my guide to Tailwind, Here! 

Top 5 Pinterest Tips For Wedding Professionals


Pinterest Marketing For Wedding Professionals

While Pinterest marketing can seem overwhelming when you first get started, it is an essential part of your overall marketing strategy! Often times, when clients come to us looking for Marketing assistance, they are overlooking platforms like Pinterest.

Looking to up your Pinterest game, but need some help? You have come to the right place! I offer Pinterest packages that range from the very beginning and getting you set up, to monthly maintenance. Reach out and let’s chat about your Pinterest goals!


Top 5 Pinterest Tips For Wedding Professionals – Ava And The Bee Digital Marketing For Wedding Professionals

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