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How To Market Your Wedding Business in 2024

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March 14, 2024

The wedding industry is always shifting and evolving. In 2023, we felt a huge boom, but in 2024, most wedding vendors are having a slower year. So today, I am sharing statistics from The Knot’s annual Real Weddings Study and pairing it with our 14+ years of wedding marketing knowledge to share how to market your wedding business in 2024!

WeddingPro surveyed nearly 10,000 couples who were married in 2023 for The Knot’s annual Real Weddings Study. 

At Ava And The Bee, we work with 18+ wedding professionals all over the USA (and four countries!).. So, the data we collect comes from our clients, online platforms, and creeping on couples online in the 60+ Facebook, Reddit, and other groups we are in.

Your Online Presence Is Absolutely Essential

The Stat: Couples spend seven hours per week, on average, planning. 91% is done online. That is up from 2022.

It’s clear that a robust online presence is non-negotiable. Your website is the cornerstone of your digital marketing efforts, providing a platform for couples to discover and engage with your brand. While social media is invaluable, a functional and visually appealing website is indispensable for converting leads into clients.

You Need a Website, Even If You Serve Luxury Couples

Even luxury vendors are not exempt from the necessity of a strong digital presence. We are finding that established vendors accustomed to relying on referrals are finding themselves losing out on clients due to a lack of social media or an outdated website.

A website with well-written copy and branding will cost you $12-$20K. But what about the cost of losing out on clients? That will cost well into the six-figure range.

Take a look at your pricing: If you charge $10,000 for your services and miss out on just five clients this year – that is over $50,000 in bookings. Your website will be vastly less expensive! Investing in your online presence is an investment in the future of your business, with potential profits far exceeding the initial costs.

While They Are Engaged For 15 Months On Average, They Still Make Decisions Quickly

The Stat: Nearly 80% of couples begin to research wedding venues within 2 months of getting engaged.

Your couple is going to start shopping quickly. And we know from years of data that they are going to be looking for months before they get engaged. For example, The maid of honor at your most recent client’s wedding isn’t engaged yet but will be soon. So they start looking at your Instagram. Then, your website. Then, they start having some questions on where to start when it comes to planning. Do you have any resources for them? THIS is the time to capture them, not just when they decide to reach out. 

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Price Transparency Is A Must

The Stat: 61% of couples surveyed said their wedding budget and planning were affected by the current economy. 

Price transparency is the name of the game in the industry. No one wants to jump through hoops to figure out if the vendor is in their budget. Have a price range or average investment listed on your website. This way, you let them know if you are in budget – and increase the chance they actually reach out! Price transparency builds trust. When you hide pricing, you are starting off the relationship with a sense of miss-trust.

And don’t worry if you are out of budget – The Knot reported that 60% of couples increased their budget at least once.

Gen Z is Paving The Way

Even though the majority of couples getting married are still Millennials, Gen Z has officially entered the chat (aka the peak marrying age range).

Gen Z Couples are more likely to…

  • Have more guests.
  • Ask friends and family for vendor referrals.
  • Use Pinterest (This one surprised me! I thought it was such a Millennial platform – it turns out more Gen Z couples use it!)

They also have a lower attention span – so you have to make it easy to work with you, and contact you. You have to automate and use a CRM. You have to be quick to reply. And you can’t make it hard to contact you. 

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Focus On Social Proof & Testimonials

If you haven’t followed up on testimonials in a while, this is your sign.

62% of Gen Z feel confident to buy when they see good ratings and reviews from other customers. They are influenced by recommendations from friends, family, and online communities when making wedding-related decisions. [YPulse]

Focus on social proof and testimonials throughout your social media, website, and marketing. 

  • Have testimonials on every single page of your website – not just in a single page! Get rid of a testimonials stand-alone page, and spread them out.
  • Share your testimonials on social media. Make it a pillar to share at least one review per month on Instagram – both in your stories, and your feed.
  • Don’t rely on a third-party host. While places like The Knot and Wedding Wire are great, make sure a majority of your reviews are also on Google! This is incredible for SEO and is something you don’t have to worry about going away anytime soon.

Weddings Are Different In Every Region

Couples plan weddings differently in each region. This means your marketing needs to be different, so a “one-size-fits-all plan” isn’t going to work. 

  • The Midwest had the biggest average guest count (139) But the lowest cost per guest ($252)
  • The West Coast & South East were almost tied with 102 average guests spending $343
  • The South were more likely to have a reception exit (60%) and hire a planner (49%)
  • The North East were more focused on personalization (70%)

Most Look At The Knot – So Yes, You Need To Keep Your Free Listing

The Stat:  70% of couples surveyed used wedding planning websites/apps, like The Knot and WeddingWire, to help with the wedding planning process.

The Knot is synonymous with weddings and has some of the strongest link authority. This means that when The Knot or Wedding Wire links to your website, Google knows. Google loves backlinks with strong authority. It also means The Knot and Wedding Wire will be at the top of every search term on Google—regardless of the area. So, if you can’t beat them, use their platform to boost your website.

While you don’t need to advertise on it, you do need to keep your free listing up to date. I recommend updating this with fresh images and updated package information twice a year. An outdated profile can make you look closed – don’t give your couples a reason not to reach out!

What To Do With This Data To Market Your Wedding Business In 2024

If you are in a slower booking season, use this to your advantage! Focus on working ON your business.

  • Audit your marketing. What platforms get you the most inquiries? What platforms send the most traffic to your website? What platforms have you wanted to start marketing on?
  • Look at your online presence. Is your logo consistent on all the platforms? Do your packages match from platform to platform? Does your messaging sound the same?
  • Is it loading quickly? Does it have SEO? Are your images diverse and showcase your style? Does it stand out from the rest (or look like everyone else’s and is forgettable?)
  • Is your technology up to date? You will miss out on couples if you still require a mailed-in contract and a check. Make it easy to work with you.
  • How can you build trust? Couples are untrusting of vendors in a post-pandemic world. It’s up to us to restore that trust through transparent pricing, educational content, and easy-to-book processes. 

Get Your Wedding Business Booking In 2024

Success in marketing your wedding business in 2024 requires a complete understanding of industry trends and couple shopping habits. It’s no longer just posting occasionally on Instagram – you need a complete strategy.

By optimizing your online presence, embracing transparency, and prioritizing technology, you can position your business for sustained growth and success!

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