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What Content To Share in Q1

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January 30, 2023

It’s Q1 – do you have a content strategy in place yet? If not, you are in the right place! As content marketing pros for wedding professionals, we know a thing or two about content strategy. For our clients, we don’t just focus on writing blogs – we work together with them to create a quarterly content strategy so they can follow the trends + seasonality of the wedding industry in their area.

To get you started, I’ve created a guide to get you inspired, and help kick off your Q1 Content!

Q1: January, February, March

This is engagement season – so focus on planning for new couples. This can include a lot of content on when to start looking for planners when to book certain vendors and FAQ on wedding planning. I love to use platforms like Google Trends to really take a look at keyword searches. Google Trends analyzes the popularity of top search queries and gives you insight on when they peak in interest, where they peak (state by state!), and similar searched keywords.

For the keyword “wedding planning”: This trends on Google the beginning and end of January, end of May, early June, and again early November.

For “wedding planner” it takes a similar interest journey, spiking mid-April. This makes sense since most couples will get engaged November – February, and start to really plan in the spring.



On an interesting note, when we compare “wedding photographer” with “wedding planner” the searches really start to spike in fall – from Mid-September to early October.


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January: Wedding Planning timelines + Checklists

  • Wedding Planning Checklists + Guides: If you are a wedding planner, do a wedding planning guide, spreadsheet, or checklist! These are all high trends (“wedding planning spreadsheet” is 720 searches/month, while “wedding planning checklist” is 27,100/month!)
  • Wedding Planning Timeline: Another hot item are timelines! This search term is hitting at 6,660 searches/month. So if you are a planner or coordinator, start to really showcase your expertise! This can also be great for stationery artists since you can incorporate a timeline of when to order invitations and other paper products.
  • 6 Things You Should Do Now That You’re Engaged: This is a great topic to write about since you can customize it for your industry. Photographers can focus on including when to book a photographer. And venues can talk about how far ahead they book out. Some other things you can talk about include: Insure your ring, set a budget, create a guest list, discuss dates, pick a venue, find a photographer, etc.

February: Planning tips for the newly engaged

  • The Top Months To Get Married in [Your City]: Create a list of the top month’s couples should get married, and include details on why they are the best. These can back-link to your seasonal wedding posts.
  • What To Ask Before Hiring a Wedding [Your Job]: Take a look at your discovery call process – what are some things you wish couples would ask? What is your photography style?
  • Pros + Cons of a Friday or Sunday Wedding: As the wedding boom of 2023 + 2024 arrives, a lot of venues are going to be booked on Saturday. This means your couples might have to pick a Friday or Sunday! Guide them through the pros and cons of both to help them decide. Bonus points if you bring in quotes from a wedding planner or venues! Some examples:
    • Pro: Lower venue rental price + More vendors available
    • Cons: Harder for guests to travel for destination weddings

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March: The Venues + Engagement Sessions 

Engagement sessions + best locations for sessions in your areas. Couples sessions and engagement sessions. This is a great month to highlight any favorite couples from years past, and give tips on planning the perfect engagement session.

  • How To Pick An Engagement Session Outfit: This is great for photographers! You can highlight your favorite engagement sessions from over the years, and talk about why their outfits were so great. This is also an opportunity to pair up with a local boutique in your area – you can showcase their inventory. Another idea could be using Amazon and affiliate links! Why not pick outfits out that also make you some affiliate money!
  • Top Engagement Session Locations In [your city]: A great keyword is local engagement session areas. You can highlight your favorite areas while showing off pictures from each.
  • Top Indoor + Outdoor Venues In [Your City]: These can be broken up into multiple blog posts, and are great for all wedding vendors! Venues are one of the first things couples search for and book. So get your business in front of them early in the planning stage!
    • Tip: When writing about venues, make sure you really personalize it. Just pulling some facts from the venue’s website isn’t going to connect with your audience. Talk about unique aspects of that venue! If you are a planner, share WHY you love the venue (is it the getting ready suite? The plenty of parking?). If you are a photographer, share your favorite spots at the venue for portraits.
  • For my stationery designers: This is when you should really start those educational posts! Below are some trending terms from Google Trends.
    • How far in advance to send wedding invitations (1,000/month) +950%
    • Average cost of wedding invitations (1,600/month) +300%
    • Modern wedding invitations (1,900/month)
    • Boho wedding invitations (1,600/month)
    • Luxury wedding invitations (1,000/month)

Don’t Forget To Repurpose!

Now that you have created these amazing topics, don’t forget to repurpose them! While I go over a ton of ways to repurpose your blog posts in this blog post, here are a few tips!

  • Break down every single blog into at least 6 IG posts. Yes, 6! I promise, your couples will not see all of your posts, and will definitely not realize it’s the same topic. 
  • For every single blog post, you should have 5-10 Pinterest pins. We use Canva to make our client’s pins, so they are all designed differently, with slightly different titles and captions, but all link to the same page.

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