Learn how to create a blogging SEO strategy that gives you leads every month with our Blogs That Book Formula.

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is one of the best ways to increase SEO.

There are so many terms, so many rules. How do you find out what really works for wedding vendors?

A lot of the education out there is for everyone but wedding pros. And your audience is much different than any other business out there. Your couples are not just looking for a wedding vendor… they are looking for a connection.

Blogging not only increases SEO by giving constant fresh content for Google to consume, but it also builds the connection between you and your potential couples. The connection that they need to book your service.

And here is the truth - you don’t need to write 2000+ words each week to move the needle.

What you need instead is SEO-focused engaging content, naturally written with keywords, that show up time and time again in search results.

but can also be pretty confusing.

let's be honest... does this sound like 


It’s not that you are bad at writing blogs. It’s that you don’t have a framework mapped out to make it simple + work time after time.


Each workshop is broken up into bite-sized videos, all under 30 minutes, so you can learn easily.

Bite-Sized Content

A comprehensive workbook that guides you through every single step. You also get a full transcript, so you can read along. And dozens of real blog examples so you can read along!

A Comprehensive Guide

If you are visual learner, this is for you! I give you dozens of real examples, and walk you through them step by step.

You will get multiple behind-the-scenes tech workshops to show you HOW to blog in Wordpress + Squarespace. Plus a Google Analytics walkthrough!

Tech Workshops

Dozens of Real Examples

i'm ready to learn the blogs that book formula!

the results you get with
the blogs that book formula

No longer staring at a blank screen with nothing to say.

Never have to worry about whether you are “doing SEO right”

An idea list of dozens of topics you are excited to write about.

Actually understanding how to do keyword research.

A website filled with blogs that engage + books your audience.

because it's what i do for clients every. single. day.

At Ava And The Bee, we help wedding pros create a consistent content strategy using proven SEO methods. Since 2018, we have helped over 90 wedding vendors with their marketing strategy, blogged dozens of blogs each month, and gotten clients from page 8 to page 1 on Google

After implementing this proven system for clients, I’m here to show you exactly how we do it!

how do I know this works?

Blogging is my Expertise.

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the easy-to-follow, step-by-step blogs that book formula will guide you through every detail you need to know, without the overwhelm.

"One of the biggest ah-ha moments was learning that I don't have to be writing blogs every single day!"

Jeff Bush Videography + Photography

The Blogs That Book Formula

We dive right into blogging basics, and our signature formula. We go into how blogging helps with SEO, the platforms, and the types of content you will write.

let's walk through each module

SEO 101

I know SEO is overwhelming. But this easy-to-follow training will break it down to the things you need to know, how to use it as a wedding pro, and how to find keywords targeted for YOUR audience.  I’ll even tell you the best tools to use to make this even easier.

You will learn:

  SEO + Keywords
  How to pick a keyword
  Where to implement SEO

Writing For SEO

Keywords are important for blog posts - but so is writing engaging copy! If the number one reason you don’t write is because "you have nothing to say", this workshop will help make writing a breeze. I’ll be teaching my tried-and-true unique framework for writing engaging blog posts.

You will learn:

   How to write engaging content
   What each blog needs (section by  section)
   How to finish the blog post
   Call To Actions

Image Selection

The second hardest part of blogging? Culling images! I’ll be breaking down exactly how to cull the images and how to make them resized for web (in a super quick way!), all while showing you how to implement SEO to get Google to see it.

You will learn:

   How to cull your images (and pick the best ones!)
   What Alt Text is (and how to use it!)
   A tech walkthrough of Alt Text

Engaging Topics

It’s not just about writing about real weddings - but about writing educational posts as well! I’ll teach you how to come up with fun and SEO-friendly blog topics that your audience actually wants to read.

Let's talk bonus content.

we love some bonuses here at the bee!


Google Analytics 101. We believe that knowing your numbers is ESSENTIAL to running a business. This walkthrough will show you what the numbers mean, and what to track (plus a Spreadsheet so you can start tracking)!


A workshop on what to do once you hit publish. We will guide you through how to repurpose your blog post into 25+ pieces of content!


Tech walkthrough of how to blog in WordPress + Squarespace. I'll show you how to implement SEO and use Yoast (for WordPress) - step by step.


An opportunity to have your blog posts audited + reviewed by us! For an additional fee, you can have us review 2 blog posts, and give you a custom video with feedback + suggestions to make it perfect.

Why blogging is a great long-term marketing strategy that gets you leads.

How to find keywords that work for your business (and how to implement these without keyword stuffing!)

The basics of SEO, and how it ties into blogging. We will also cover exactly how to implement SEO into your blog posts (without sounding spammy or keyword stuffing!)

How to write an engaging blog post, including our EXCACT guide we use for each and every client.

How to implement the blog into WordPress + Squarespace (and how to add the SEO!)

let's do a recap

What you will learn...

What you get after...

A course that shows you a Step-by-step blog how-to for WordPress and Squarespace.

A Google Analytics 101 Workshop

A Keyword + Alt Tag Workshop

10 educational blog topics to get you started (including keywords + prompts of what to write about)

heck yes - i need this!

this is for you if...

this is not for you if...

You have been wanting to learn about blogging + SEO, but have been overwhelmed by everything online.

You want a course that is just for wedding pro’s, with lingo you understand.

You are ready to put in the work to learn this skill for yourself and your business.

You are looking for a course that uses inclusive language. We are LGBTQ+ Inclusive Certified though Equally Wed, so language is inclusive throughout the course.

You are not looking to learn how to do this yourself (you would rather outsource!)

You are not a wedding professional, or in the wedding industry.

You are way too busy to try this out, and can’t commit to spending 1 hour a week on blogging.

Not inclusive? Then we are not the company for you.

verve nj

"The origin of our inquiries has drastically gone to ‘google’ or internet searches which I can only say is because of the great SEO Ava & The Bee provide when writing our blogs."

karina p.

"All these surprise proposals that I've been doing is all thanks to your SEO work!"

Christy H.

"All I can say is HOLY CRAP! When I'm ready to lay out my marketing plan, I know exactly what presentation I'm going back to. With your method, there is no way I'll run out of content!"

Samantha L.

"You did such a great job explaining SEO. I honestly thought I would never understand it - but now I finally do! I can't wait to really get started and make content and blogging a priority!"

just a few things our clients + students are saying

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