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Case Study: Turnage And Watts Wedding Stationery

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Case Study


January 2, 2024

We started working with Turnage And Watts in March 2021, and have absolutely loved seeing their business flourish! Before working with us, Cari told me:“I was totally lost and struggling with marketing my stationery business. I wasn’t able to pin on Pinterest regularly, and my blog was stagnant. I was overwhelmed. I’d taken a course and enjoyed making the social media graphics, but all the tools and analytics became very daunting.”

Wedding stationery marketing case study

The Challenge

She started to see limitations with her current website and was looking to simplify her offerings, create a Zazzle shop, and move from Squarespace to Showit. Cari initially built her website but knew that it needed an overhaul to attract her market and make the shopping process easier for clients.

She was looking for professional help with the strategy, copywriting, template selection, SEO, Showit setup, and assistance once the blogs transferred over from Squarespace.

Our Solution

Cari went through The Beespoke Blueprint, our signature service where we start from the foundations, and build a comprehensive marketing plan. We created a custom package to make sure every single step for this new website was taken care of so that she could focus her time on setting up her new Zazzle shop.

How did we get results like this?

1) The first step in The Beespoke Blueprint is strategy. We looked at her Google Analytics and her Pinterest Analytics, and found the issues users were facing on their old website and made a plan for their new website. Over the years, we have seen so many web designers miss this crucial step. They go right into the “pretty” and ignore the data. The data is the most important part.

We focused on Cari’s Unique Selling Proposition, created a well-identified ideal client profile, and focused a comprehensive marketing and website strategy that would serve as the guiding beacon for all future marketing.

2) The second step in The Beespoke Blueprint is the messaging. This is the most important part of a website and marketing strategy – yes, even more important than the images! We focused on up-leveled messaging that would effectively communicate her value. A wedding stationery artist doesn’t just design invitations. They create an experience. Your messaging and website copy needs to stand out.

3) The third step of The Beespoke Blueprint was her website. We created a website wireframe to take her selected Showit template and customize it to fit her exact needs. We also created completely custom pages and ensured that her website didn’t just look like another template but was customized for her. Part of this strategy was transferring them from Squarespace to Showit. As their website grew, their needs changed – so we also helped them migrate their blogs over and launch their brand new website.

4) We also created an email funnel for her new Freebie and set it up on her website so that she could continue to grow her email list. We setup the funnel in FloDesk created graphics, wrote the emails, and created content to promote her Freebie.

5) We made updates. One of the biggest perks of working with inside of our monthly marketing retailers us is that we track your data – so we know when we need to make updates. In the image above, you can see a spike of traffic in December. That happened because we made updates based on our data. While our client’s website was killing it, in marketing, you can always do more.

5) Our monthly marketing retainers are the final piece of working with Ava And The Bee. This means we market for them monthly. Increased website traffic like this isn’t just from a new website – it’s from consistent blogging and marketing and a strategic Pinterest strategy.

Year of Blogs for Wedding Stationery Artists

How do YOU get results like this?

1) You find a team with experience (like us!). 

You make sure whoever you hire understands and is an expert in SEO.
You make sure they are going to make a plan for your website based on data.
And you make sure you focus on messaging and the copy.

2) Create a post-website marketing strategy. A website can do the heavy lifting – but it can’t do all the work for you. Whether it is blogging paired with Pinterest, PR, or video – you have to have a strategy.

A Review from Cari

“You guys are AMAZING!! So much gratitude to your phenomenal marketing team! Your creativity, strategic brilliance, blogging and SEO mastery, and hard work made my website relaunch a smashing success.  You’ve elevated my brand to new heights.  Grateful for your dedication and looking forward to more milestones together!”

Work With Ava And The Bee

If you understand the immense value of impactful marketing but find yourself dreaming of a partner to take the reins and elevate your brand to new heights, we would love to work with you.

The Beespoke Blueprint isn’t just about upgrading your marketing; it’s about ushering in a complete transformation. We understand that your ideal client and business goals have evolved, and so should your marketing.

Backed with our 20+ years of industry experience and six-figure client results, we know that strategy paired with gorgeous design and captivating copy is the backbone for success. And we don’t just mean booking out your calendar. Beyond transforming your brand’s visibility, you will have a business that allows you to handpick clients, attract more leads effortlessly, and command premium rates—1.5 to 2 times more—without the heavy lifting. Reach out today to learn more!

Note: Results in marketing are never guaranteed. While we are experts, we also test new things out, make adjustments, and continue to enhance our strategy.

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