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How To Market Your Wedding Business: The Client Experience

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January 22, 2024

This week is all about that internal stuff and the kind of stuff you need a permit to do. In case you don’t follow me on Instagram, my husband and I are currently in the process of a kitchen remodel. Well, it hasn’t started yet because, let’s be honest, contractors are always delayed. As we started working with a contractor, we quickly realized that our current kitchen layout had to stay the same. Why? Moving anything requires a permit, and permits take forever.

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So you might be thinking, what does this have to do with stage three of building our house?

Stage three is the client experience.

How to market your wedding business: The client experience

It is all of those things that are integral to having a house and having a business. Every single thing you do in your business touches these items. So, when you’re updating your house, you might have to work on your plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. And when you make updates to your business, you might have to work on your client experience.

Moving into the luxury space is more than just raising your pricing. You have to elevate every single piece of your business – and yes, your client experience needs a huge upgrade. You can’t expect a couple to pay double for your services and get the same experience you have been offering before.

But here is the biggest piece I want you to take home today: your client experience starts months before they ever reach out. Your experience starts when they land on your website or social media and the first email they send you.

Creating an entirely comprehensive client experience – before, during, and after the event – makes it easier to connect with new clients. I want you to take a minute and ask yourself:

  • What was the experience like for them when they came across a post on your Instagram?
  • Did they feel a connection when browsing through your website?
  • When they look at your blogs, are they inspired by your work?
  • What about your emails? Were you quick to respond, or did your inquiry form on your website not work, and they couldn’t find your email address anywhere? (I see this WEEKLY!)

All of this (and more) is a part of your client experience and, in turn, part of your marketing, which in turn connects with your ideal client. (See how we are connecting all of the pieces of this house?!)

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So, ready for your homework? 

I have a few questions I want you to answer.

Customer Journey: What does your customer purchasing journey look like? What is the buying process like for them? This is so much more than just “They Google and find me, and book a call. I send them a contract and invoice.” Instead, break it down into steps:

  • Brand Awareness: How do people hear about your brand? What platforms are they finding on you?
  • Research: What is your client researching to find services like yours and other competitors?
  • Education: When they find you, what information are you offering on your website to educate them on the purchase?
  • Evaluation: How are you standing out from the crowd to capture their attention when they start evaluating options?
  • Roadblocks: What are some roadblocks they might hit in a decision-making process?
  • Onboarding: Once a client is ready to purchase, what will their journey look like?
  • Working together: Once a client is booked, how will that journey look for them? How often will you be in contact? What is your customers’ experience like when they work with you? Is there an online planning/portal that you use? Do you do anything to surprise and delight the customer?  This can be an important factor for some ideal clients!
  • After the sale: How will you hold on to customer retention to ensure they return for more services or leave a great review?

Objections: What are the most common objections that your clients give when it comes to booking you? What holds them back? I want you to go deeper then just “They say they can’t afford me”. Price objection is often because the couple doesn’t see the value in your services. If you are constantly getting clients who are price shopping, there are two issues (and it’s not your price!) First, you are targeting the wrong audience. And second, you are not conveying your value.

For a lot of inquiries, this is because their brand, copy and website don’t match what they offer.

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