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How To Create Fresh Content During A Busy Wedding Season

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September 7, 2021

It’s wedding season – and it’s bigger than ever before. After a year of no weddings, couples are planning, getting married, and celebrating again! And while this is an incredible time, it also means you are super busy, and probably not focusing on your content. And that is okay! It’s totally normal to put things aside during a busy wedding season. As a former wedding planner myself, I know firsthand how busy you get!

That is why today I want to share three easy ways to create new and fresh content, without spending hours trying to create new ideas. These are all ideas you already have, and will be quick and easy for you to do, today!

Let’s Talk Q3

Q3: July, August, September

Hello, wedding season! This is when you can start sharing more educational tips on planning and the importance of hiring a planner. We are also about to enter the engagement season, so focus on some of those beginner tips now, to capture your soon-to-be-engaged audience. Also, focus on sharing real weddings from the spring. Remember: people are going to be searching for vendors soon, so get on their radar with real events from the Spring and Summer!

#1: Repurpose each blog post for fresh content

Like I’ve talked about in previous blogs, your blog post is your core piece of content. This is going to drive your content across every single platform. That 1 blog post can be broke down into:

  • 2 IG captions (4-6 if it is educational)
  • 2 IG Reels
  • 4 IG stories
  • 5-8 Pinterest pins
  • 2 FB posts
  • 1 newsletter

That is 19 pieces of content – from 1 blog post! I know you might not want to “overshare” but trust me – your audience will not notice. Your average viewer will see ¼ of what you post, sometimes even less. So talking about the same wedding 4 times on Instagram is fine. Talking about your wedding planning tips 8 times is completely fine.

When you blog a wedding, remember you need to have text! A blog post with just images and no copy will not help you. When writing a blog post for a client’s wedding or a styled shoot, the story of the couple, and the wedding day should be the main point of the blog post. Every couple’s wedding is unique – so shine the spotlight on their day! This is also where you can bring in the vendors that were involved in the day, and how they made it unique. Remember: these vendors are keywords as well! Always, always talk about and link to the vendors!


Example: How to break a real wedding down into 6 Instagram captions:

  • Have one be of the couple sharing a special moment from their day. This can be a posed shot of them holding each other, or a natural shot from further away.
  • The second is of the bridal party, tagging the vendors and especially the wedding gown designer if there is a gown!
  • The third is a ceremony detail. This can be the arch, a sign, or a shot of the ceremony taking place.
  • And the fourth is the reception. Talk about the location. Make sure to include why they chose that location, what venue they chose, and any personal details. Make sure to link all venues/vendors!
  • The fifth talks about the package they booked and what you did for them.
  • The sixth post showcases a unique aspect of their wedding.


Example: How to break a real wedding down into 2 Instagram Reels:

  • Don’t forget your Reels! At every single wedding make sure to get a few behind-the-scenes videos. I want you to add this to your wedding day workflow! Remember – this can be a team member’s job. If you are a planner, have them get a before and after video to show the space. If you are a florist, record yourself making a bouquet. If you are DJ, get a video of people dancing.


Looking for some more prompt ideas? Check out our blog post with 15 Reel Prompts!


How To Start a Blog As a Wedding Photographer or Wedding Planner - Ava And The Bee

#2: It’s okay to go back to older content and re-share

One of the easiest ways to create new and fresh content is to re-share older content! This is especially true for social media. Go through past weddings and share your favorite images!

I suggest having a folder on your computer that houses the best of the best – so every wedding you add 1-2 images into this folder. This becomes a catch-all for previous content that you can share on IG, without having to go into the wedding gallery and culling.

Do you have any old blog posts that are super helpful, but might just need a few minor updates? This is a great way to add some life into these blogs, update them, without having to write them from scratch! It also gives you more educational topics to share, during a season where you don’t have time to write from scratch.

Learn more tips on how to repurpose content, here!

#3: Look to your website for content

Your website is filled with incredibly valuable content that you can reuse! Couples are not going to read every single sentence, and will not notice if you have it as an Instagram post (I pinky promise!)

  • Take your about page! Pull three fun facts from your about page. There you have three feature Fridays ready to go.
  • Don’t forget your FAQ! These are awesome items to repurpose and recycle on social media. Remember – your client most likely is not ready for every single thing on your website. So share it on social media! If you have 10 FAQ on your website, BAM 10 Instagram posts, 1 IG Reel (heck that can even be rewritten into a blog post!)
  • Testimonials! These can always be recycled. Make sure you are sharing at least 1 testimonial every single month. These are gold, and help grow your trust factor with couples!

Create fresh content during a busy wedding season

Even during this busy wedding season, which will continue to grow through 2022, you can still create new and fresh content. Repurposing your content will allow you to re-engage your audience, grow your know, like, and trust factor, without taking hours to write new topics.

Looking for someone to take over this task for you? We love repurposing content! Reach out today to learn more about how we can help break down your blog posts, and create content that is engaging!


How to create fresh and new content during a busy wedding season - For Wedding Professionals

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