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15 Prompts For TikTok and Reels For Wedding Pros

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August 3, 2021

You’ve probably heard by now that video is the way of the future. Video tends to be more popular because people tend to find it more engaging than simply reading. In fact, we recently shared a guide to TikTok, Reels, and Video! So, you should definitely be including video in your marketing strategy. But if you’re worried about filming yourself, don’t stress! It doesn’t just have to be your face every single time! To ease yourself to into video, there are plenty of things you can record and use to create a TikTok video or Instagram Reel. These prompts for TikTok and Reels will help you figure out what works best for you!


Chances are, you get asked the same questions again and again. Make videos answering all of your FAQs! And don’t forget those on your website. The FAQs on your website can be a great place to get prompts for TikTok and Reels.

  1. Questions to ask a [insert your job title here]. Give people the five questions they should ask when looking for a certain type of vendor.
  2. Five reasons you should do a first look. People have strong opinions on this – so it sparks a discussion!
  3. The Top Months To Get Married in Your City. Create a list of the top month’s couples should get married, and include details on why they are the best.
  4. Venue Coordinator Vs. Wedding Planner. As a planner, you know how important your role is. But many couples still think a venue coordinator and a wedding planner are the same things. Educate your client on why you are different and how you offer so much more.
  5. The Ideal Order to Book Your Wedding Vendors In. This is perfect for every single wedding professional. How soon should a couple book your services? 18+ months? 6 Months? Share the details!

Educational Reels

For every educational blog post you do, create 1-2 reels behind it! Remember to break down the blog post into small, bite-sized videos. This can easily become a series! For example, “Top 6 Wedding Venues in Savannah” can easily turn into 6 Reels or TikToks, each highlighting a venue. 

  1. Engagement Session Outfit Ideas. Showcase this in a reel highlighting real engagement sessions and why the outfits work. Looking to personalize it? Wear the outfits yourself + share why these work on camera!
  2. Favorite Ceremony Spots in [your city here]. Highlight your top three ceremony spots, and show behind the scenes of weddings there.
  3. Favorite Reception Spots in [your city here]. Just like the video above, highlight the top reception spots. Bonus points if you break this down into multiple videos.
  4. Three Reasons to Do An Engagement Session. Do a video about why this is so important for your couples.
  5. 6 Things You Should Do Now That You’re Engaged: Insure your ring, set a budget, create a guest list, discuss dates, the list goes on and on! Showcase these in 1 video.

If you’re struggling to keep up with your blog, we can help! Blogging is one of the top ways to create content for social media because you can just break up your blog posts.

How To Start a Blog As a Wedding Photographer or Wedding Planner - Ava And The Bee

Behind The Scenes

Couples LOVE to see you working at a wedding! It not only helps them see that you are an expert but gives them inspiration for their own wedding day. At every wedding and event, take time to record a few minutes of video of the setup. Even something simple, like folding napkins, can make an incredible and captivating video.

  1. Time Lapse of Setup. This is perfect for planners and florists! Put your camera on a tripod and record yourself on time-lapse of the setup, so you can fit it into the 15 – 30 second window. This can be making a bouquet, setting up a ceremony, or setting up a reception.
  2. You At Home. Behind the scenes also means you at home! You can share videos on how you select items for weddings, the day-to-day life at your workspace, the process of planning, and your business’s unique story.
  3. Your Day of Emergency Bag. Planners + Photographers always have this, so include the must-haves.
  4. Flat Lay SetupAre you a photographer who makes awesome flatlays? Take a quick video of how you arrange them!
  5. Your Wedding Day Gear. Showcase what you bring on a wedding day.

These prompts for TikTok and Reels are a great jumping-off point. Just remember that your potential clients don’t have all the knowledge that you have. Even those small tidbits of information can make a great video!

Save these prompts below!

15 Prompts For TikTok and Reels For Wedding Pros | Ava And The Bee Marketing for Wedding Pros15 Prompts For TikTok and Reels For Wedding Pros | Ava And The Bee Marketing for Wedding Pros

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