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Blog Topics Every Wedding Professional Should Write About

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November 15, 2023

Blogging is so important for wedding professionals, like planners, photographers, florists, and venue owners. In fact, I have written countless posts about this topic! From how to get your blog started, to how to outsource your blogging. Blogging is one of the biggest services we offer at Ava And The Bee. And is an essential part of running a wedding business! Not only does it help with your SEO and web presence, but it also allows potential brides to see your work, as a whole. It allows you to showcase your style, and how you shoot (or plan!) weddings and events.

It is also an important part of the client experience. Clients love to see their weddings on your website, and social media! Even if that wedding isn’t your “ideal client”, it is important to share some images from their day. This will let them share it on their own social media and Facebook, and in return, give you free advertising! And why wouldn’t you want free advertising?

But a lot of wedding professionals are unsure of what blog topics to even write about! So today is all about the top blog topic buckets you should write about on your blog. I’ll tell you what to include in each post, and why they are so important!

Blog Topic: Styled Shoots and Real Weddings

Topic One and Two go hand in hand: styled shoots and real weddings. These are also the easiest to write (especially if you have a client questionnaire you give out before every wedding!) You can either refer to the guidelines for the styled shoot or write directly from the questionnaire.

One paragraph will be all about the couple. Talk about how they met, how he (or she!) proposed, where their first date was, and any fun facts about the two of them.

The second paragraph will be about the shoot or wedding. Make sure to include the venue, the theme, the color palette, trends, personal touches, and all the vendors involved.

Another great option is to pull a quote from a vendor at the styled shoot or from the couple! This can be about the wedding day, the vision, or anything special they remember.

What to include:

  • 300-500 word write-up (This is essential! A blog post with just images is not going to help you!)
  • 30 images, re-sized for web (Too many images will make your website load slowly. Make sure the images are resized for web. I use BlogStomp for this process!)
  • Linking to vendors
  • Internal links- make sure to link to your services page or contact form.

Why Does It Matter?

  • Blogging a styled shoot or a wedding showcases your work as a portfolio.
  • Blogging a wedding allows your client to share on their social media – especially Facebook! This is free advertising and free website clicks!
  • Blogging also shows off vendor work + backlinks. It is so important to make these vendor connections, and blogging can really showcase their work.
  • Blogging provides SEO for venues and fellow vendors.

No time to blog? No problem. Our blog bundles allow you to outsource as many blogs as you want – and get them done quickly. We do it all, from writing, to SEO, to image selection. Learn more, here!


Blog Topic: Educational

Educational posts can take longer to write – but are all about the Keywords and SEO! This is where you will teach our target audience about a topic. This is all about finding some top vendors and keywords to write about. When we work with our blogging clients, we can conduct keyword research to find exactly what their ideal clients are looking for, and asking about – so we can write the best blog posts for them! We recommend our clients have 1 educational blog post per month, or at least 2 per quarter.

Educational Topic Ideas:

-Top 5 local indoor venues

-The best local outdoor venues

-Top local wedding ceremony locations

-FAQ about getting married in your city

-How to plan a destination wedding in your city

-The best spots for a rehearsal dinner in your city

What to include:

  • 500 -1500 word write up
  • 10 images, re-sized for web (Too many images will make your website load slowly. Make sure the images are resized for web. I use BlogStomp for this process!)
  • Linking to vendors
  • Internal links- make sure to link to your services page or contact form.

Why it matters

  • SEO Keywords are essential to an SEO strategy, so pick highly searched topics in your area.
  • Venues are one of the top places couples look when they are engaged – your website should be coming up for them! And the best way to do this? Talk about them in a blog post, and share images of a wedding at that venue.
  • Educational posts also let you show off your expertise. Clients want wedding vendors that are experts in their field. So, if you are a florist, write about top trends and seasonal flowers. If you are a stationary artist, talk about the importance of branding and custom stationery.

Blog Topic: Vendor posts

One of my favorite blog posts to write for clients? Vendor posts! These are a great way not just to showcase local vendors, but also build vendor relationships. I recommend starting with your favorite vendors in your area – who do you love to work with most? You can either have the post be an interview with them or have it more as a “guest post” where they can share a topic they are a pro in.

For example: A florist could write about the best flowers for every season. A wedding stationery artist could showcase their custom hand-drawn wedding maps and why local area brides love them. A wedding planner could write about how to create the perfect timeline. Or you can showcase your favorite wedding venues, complete with images from weddings you have shot there. These posts are all about getting some great backlinks, showcasing each others work, and building your SEO!

What to include:

  • 500 -800 word write up
  • 10-20 images, re-sized for web. (Too many images will make your website load slowly. Make sure the images are resized for web. I use BlogStomp for this process!)
  • Linking to vendors
  • Internal links- make sure to link to your services page or contact form.

Why It matters

  • Vendor spotlights let you showcase local work, while also helping you in SEO rankings. Remember: couples often search for their venue first – so targeting local venues is so important!
  • These spotlights allow for an easy decision for a bride when they book you – you can make their planning process easy by suggesting the top vendors in your area! This is especially key for vendors in destination towns. Couples will often be coming to you for vendor advice – so why not write a blog post about your favorite vendors to share with them?
  • When you have these vendor spotlights, you can build these essential relationships with your vendor community.

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