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Why I switched from Squarespace to ShowIt, and why I love it for Pinterest

Let me start off by saying that I have tried every website building platform out there. From Squarespace, to Wix, to WordPress, I’ve built them all. And while I think Squarespace is a great platform for beginners or new business owners, I want to share why I made the switch to Show last year. The […]

Client Gift Guide | Ava And The Bee Virtual Assistant

With the holiday season fast approaching, there can be so many people to shop for! Parents, family, friends.. but what about your clients? I am a firm believer that client gifts are so important! Not only do they help keep your lights on, but they are an important part of your business. You wouldn’t be […]

Client Holiday Greetabl Client Holiday Greetabl - Client Christmas and Holiday Gifts | Ava And The Bee Virtual Assistant

This holiday season, don’t forget about your clients! Whether you are a shop owner, virtual assistant, social media manager, or content creator, our customers are valuable to us! When coming up with a Holiday shopping guide, I wanted to make sure I focused on what matters to me: my clients! One of my favorite ways […]

Why I love Planoly - Virtual assistant and social media manager

Instagram can start to feel like a full time job, and take over your life. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the steps it takes for each and every post. First you have to take, or find, an engaging image, that works in your feed. Then you have to write interesting content. Then you […]

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