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6 Reasons I love Showit

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December 23, 2019

Let me start off by saying that I have tried every website building platform out there. From Squarespace, to Wix, to WordPress, I’ve built them all. And while I think Squarespace is a great platform for beginners or new business owners, I want to share why I made the switch to Show last year.

The first website I ever built was from scratch, using code. And let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. I moved onto blogger platforms based in WordPress, and later moved to Squarespace when I owned a bridal boutique. But ever since I made the switch to Showit, I haven’t looked back! These are the 6 reasons I love Showit (and why you will too!)

What is Showit?

Showit is an easy to use drag and drop platform that lets you build incredible websites, with no coding. When I say that Showit is super user-friendly, I mean it! You can create absolutely anything you want, with no coding. There are hundreds of gorgeous templates to choose from, including free templates! In fact, the website for Ava And The Bee is based on a free template!

You can customize anything and everything, from the color palette to font styling. Plus, it automatically updates as you design, so you don’t have to keep saving. You can update the layout by dragging and dropping the elements, changing the text, customize with your images, and reordering the canvas. The opportunities are endless for you to start with the template as a base and customize it, or you can build from scratch.

It’s also affordable! The base plan starts at $19/month, and when you add a blog it’s just $24/month. While it is more than Squarespace, it is worth every penny!

Reason One I love Showit: A powerful WordPress Blog

Let me start by saying this: having a great blog is essential to run your business. Whether you are a virtual assistant or a wedding professional, blogging is key! (I have a whole series on why you need to blog, read it here!) Showit uses WordPress to integrate your blog into your website. While you do all the editing of your website right in Showit, you write your blog posts in WordPress. This means you get the power of a WordPress blog, with the easy to use design of Showit. Think of Showit as the backend pretty styling, and WordPress as your mega SEO friendly blogging platform.

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Reason Two I love Showit:  It’s not just for Photographers

When I decided to make the switch, I was a little nervous that this platform was just for photographers. And while it is incredible for wedding professionals and wedding photographers, anyone can benefit from it! Every industry can make Showit work for them. Take us for example! Not only is my website, Ava And The Bee built on it, but so is this website, The Creative VA Academy!

Reason Three I love Showit:  Built-in SEO

SEO aka Search Engine Optimization is essential to promote your business and reach your ideal clients. And while SEO can seem super intimidating, Showit makes it easy!! From title descriptions to Meta tags, to gorgeous headers, Showit provides built-in SEO tools to make it easy.

Reason Four I love Showit: Amazing Customer Support

Customer service is huge for me. When I used to use Squarespace, getting a hold of customer support was impossible. But Showit is incredible. They have hundreds of helpful documents and videos, and one on one chat support. They are always fast, and have helped tremendously with every question I have had. And, they help you with the launch process and even connect our domain for you. Yes, they connect your domain for you! How awesome is that?

Plus, they offer blog migration. So if you already have a blog on another site, like Squarespace, they will migrate your blogs for you, in just a few days. They will migrate the post, images, and even the comments!

Reason Five I love Showit:  No Coding Needed

The design interface of Showit is so easy! Whenever I show people the interface, they are in shock with how easy it is to use. It has a similar feel to Photoshop, with a click and drag builder. It’s so easy, you can learn it in just a few hours, with zero design skills or website building knowledge needed.

You can create pages with ease, without coding. The Showit builder works in Canvas views, which means you can easily add and remove sections, or update to customize each page.

They also have +Site pages, which allow you to create landing pages with ease. For example, you can have a freebie.yourwebsite.com as a landing page URL.

Reason Six I love Showit:  Pinterest Friendly

Pinterest is a huge part of my marketing strategy – and Showit makes it easy! You can easily add a rich pin to a shout blog with the free Yoast SEO plugin with WordPress.

If Yoast is not installed on your blog, you can install it by going to Plugins —> Add New and search for Yoast. Then Install and Activate the plugin.

You can also easily add Pinterest graphics to each post, so people can pin right from there. Showit also lets you create landing pages for freebies, that you can promote using Pinterest, with ease!

The six reasons I switched from Squarespace to Showit | Ava And The Bee - Digital Marketing for Wedding Professionals

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