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When Is It Time To Hire A Virtual Assistant?

Maybe you are at a cross-road and are wondering, “Is it time to hire a virtual assistant or to outsource?”. First off, congratulations! Needing to outsource help is a good thing! It means that you are growing your business successfully, and it’s time to do more. Adding a team member can be daunting, and the idea […]

Ava and the bee virtual assistant and social media manager

It’s halfway through Summer, and if you are in the wedding industry, this means halfway through Wedding Season (unless you are down South, shout out to my Southern vendors! This is your time off so BREATHE!) And if you were like me in the middle of wedding season, you need a break. In fact, you […]

This month, I am covering all the ways you can prepare your business to outsource! First, I covered the general first steps you need to take before you hire your virtual assistant. Next, I covered how to prepare your business to outsource social media. This week, it’s all about how to outsource blogging! Blogging is […]

How To Prepare Your Wedding Business to Outsource Social Media - Ava And The Bee Virtual Assistant Wedding Business

Last week, I talked about how to prepare your wedding business for outsourcing. (Miss it? Read it here!) This week I want to dive deeper into how to prepare your business to outsource social media. For many wedding professionals, the idea of hiring someone to take over their social media can seem daunting! Platforms like […]

How to Prepare Your Business to Outsource - Ava And The Bee digital marketing for wedding professionals

You are running a wedding business, and are at that point where you know you need to outsource. You are feeling overwhelmed, and exhausted. And you know you should outsource to a virtual assistant or digital marketer, but you don’t know where to start. This is something I come across each and every week at […]

How A Virtual Assistant Help Your Wedding Business - Ava And The Bee Virtual Assistant

As a digital marketer who works with wedding businesses and wedding professionals, I am always getting asked the same thing: What can I outsource? As a former wedding business owner, I know how close to our heart our business is. When I co-owned a bridal boutique & wedding planning company, the idea of outsourcing was kind […]

How To Communicate With Your Virtual Assistant - Ava And The Bee Virtual Assistant for Wedding Photographers

Communication is key to any relationship: from personal to work! When you are ready to outsource work, it is important to know some key tips to keep communication flowing. While how you communicate with your VA will vary depending on their work structure, these are some key tips you should follow! When you first hire […]

Different types of Virtual Assistants

When I first got started as a virtual assistant in 2018, I had never heard of the term. To me, it sounded like an online personal assistant! But I soon realized that the term virtual assistant covers so many types of services. There are so many different types of virtual assistants! One of the biggest […]

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