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What To Outsource As A Wedding Professional During a Busy Wedding Season

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July 18, 2022

It’s halfway through Summer, and if you are in the wedding industry, this means halfway through Wedding Season (unless you are down South, shout out to my Southern vendors! This is your time off so BREATHE!)

And if you were like me in the middle of wedding season, you need a break. In fact, you need a vacation. And coffee. Let’s not forget how much coffee you are currently needing. I know you are overwhelmed, but this is why outsourcing can help! There are so many reasons why you should outsource your work, but here are just a few.

  1. More Time: Think about how much time you spend a week blogging, sharing in Instagram, and pinning on Pinterest. 3 hours? 5 hours? 10+ hours? Now think of what you can do in that same timeframe. Is it catch on emails? Take a day off? Spend extra time with a loved on? By outsourcing these projects, you gain HOURS of time you did not have. Even just outsourcing just one project  per month can save you so much time in the end. Just think: what would you do with 10 more hours this month?
  2. More Money: Most people think that outsourcing can cost you too much money and is something you can’t afford. Outsourcing costs money, but you can get time back in return. This is time that you can spend on significant profit-generating activities. You should be focusing on the big picture ideas of your business and running it. Not doing the small day-to-day tasks.
  3. More Creativity: By outsourcing some of the mundane tasks you do not enjoy doing, you can spend that time doing what you love to do! If you are a wedding photographer and free up 10 hours each month, you can book 1 more wedding or maybe 2 more family shoots. You can bring in thousands of dollars! You can also use this time just to create – whether it is painting or going for a hike – whatever you need to recharge your creative genius.


first things first: it’s okay to wait until busy season is over.

I know, this blog is supposed to be about what to outsource when you are in your busy season… but here is a HUGE tip:

You need to outsource when you have the time to.

If you are in the middle of the busiest wedding season of your life – this is NOT the time to outsource. Wait until you are in the slower season.

Outsourcing will take some time on your end. We can’t read your mind – we can only do our job correctly if you communicate. Ex: You might need to fill out a welcome questionnaire. You might need to gather images and organize files. You might even need to hop on a call with the person before you outsource.

If you don’t have a few hours ready to get things ready, this is not the time to do it. I have had countless clients have to pause because they outsourced at the wrong time. Remember – we are not an employee. If you need help immediately, tomorrow – you need an in-person employee. That also means you need to be able to communicate with your VA. If you don’t answer our questions, or become frustrated quickly without explaining the task, it might not work out.

But, if you are in a busy season, and are looking to start with a single task (and have the brain space to do it!) these are a few ideas!

Here is a guide to some of the things you can outsource during wedding season as a wedding professional.

Outsource Blogging.

Blogging is essential to keeping your website Google-friendly. Why? Because it lets Google know you are constantly creating content, and are an expert in your profession. I know it’s easy to just let your blog slide during wedding season, but it is so important not to! You could easily slip in your Google rankings, which can take quite a bit of time to regain. Even just 2 blogs a month can be a huge boost for your SEO.

Another great perk? By being up to date on blogging, you can share your most recent weddings with the world – and get it in front of your ideal client. Potential couples love to see examples of your work. If you blog each week, you can share a recent wedding or even tricks and tips for your potential clients.

And don’t forget the vendors! Vendors enjoy and appreciate getting a little recognition on your blog just as much as your clients do. By sharing content and linking to fellow vendors, you are adding backlinks (great for SEO!) and encouraging brides to work with the same vendors you love working with.

By hiring a content expert for your blogging, you can have months of content ready to go – with minimal work on your end! All you have to do is send us the wedding images, and any information you have on the couple and shoot, and the list of vendors, and that is it! We take care of the rest.

Outsource content calendars and social media.

Another great thing to outsource? Your content calendars! Social media manager can help you make a content calendar and help you set up social media so you don’t have to think about Instagramming during a wedding day (because, let’s be real, you are running around way too much to do that.) Content calendars are so important in keeping you sane. They can map out a 30-day or even a 3-month plan so you can create a vision of where your social media is going. A social media manager or virtual assistant can even help you set up tools like Tailwind or Planoly to automate your posting.


Outsource Pinterest.

If you are a wedding photographer or planner, you most likely have a ton of images you can share on Pinterest. I often hear people say that Pinterest is just for looking at images and DIY inspiration. WRONG! Pinterest is first and foremost a search engine and is essential for your business. Take advantage of your incredible content by sharing on Pinterest!

This ties in perfectly with blogging as well – for each blog, make sure to pin each image and create 2-6 graphic pins, and 1 Idea Pin. Pinterest is also a great place to share your education. Are you starting a course or offering Freebies? Share these on Pinterest! At Ava And The Bee, we love combining Pinterest + Blogging to get the best results for our clients.

Email marketing

An email list is an important part of running any business. You can have someone set up your platform, create funnels, freebies, and email sequences, and write and send monthly emails! From welcome sequences to freebies, we can design and set it up for you! We also offer monthly newsletters written and designed for you. We are experts in FloDesk, Convertkit, Showit, Squarespace, Canva, and the complete Adobe Suite.

Let me help you breathe a little more this wedding season, and let’s get through it together!

Are you looking to outsource to a team that are not just marketing experts, but fellow Wedding Pros? Outsource your never-ending to do list to a marketing team with experience. Get more website traffic, book clients, and rise in the Google rankings. Contact us to learn how we can help.


What To Outsource As A Wedding Professional During a Busy Wedding Season


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