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prompts for tiktok and reels

You’ve probably heard by now that video is the way of the future. Video tends to be more popular because people tend to find it more engaging than simply reading. In fact, we recently shared a guide to TikTok, Reels, and Video! So, you should definitely be including video in your marketing strategy. But if […]

tiktok and reels for wedding pros

By this point, you probably hear about video all the time! But where to start? From Tik Tok to Instagram Reels, it can be overwhelming. But it is such an important part of your content strategy! When it comes to TikTok and Reels for wedding pros, it’s important to know how these different platforms work […]

how to repurpose your content - Ava and the Bee

Do you know what’s the biggest mistake you’re making in your content marketing? Every time you come up with an idea for an Instagram post, a newsletter or a blog post, you only use it that one time. Do you know what you should be doing instead? You should be working to repurpose your content […]

One of the most important steps in booking a wedding client is the initial Discovery Call. As a wedding professional, this might be your first point of contact with a client outside of email! Whether it is a Skype or phone call, or an in-person meeting, you need to be prepared. As a former wedding […]

How to market your wedding business in a global emergency - COVID19 Marketing Tips

In light of the recent COVID-19 breakout, running a wedding business can be filled with so much uncertainty. How can I market my wedding business in an emergency? Should I still be marketing? How can I make some income during a slow season? As a former wedding planner, bridal boutique owner and florist, I have […]

Top 5 digital marketing tips for wedding businesses

If you are a wedding professional, chances are, you know you need a digital marketing strategy. Brides are often finding their wedding vendors online, vs magazines like they used to 10 years ago. And it’s not just about having an online presence: it is about having a digital marketing strategy! As a digital marketer for […]

How to create a brand message for your virtual assistant business | Ava And The Bee

When I became a virtual assistant, I had no idea how to describe what I did. No one really understood what I did, and why I would leave a full-time job (with benefits!) for this “virtual” career. I get it. I didn’t even know what a virtual assistant was when I first started. So, I […]

The importance of alternate logos | Ava And The Bee Virtual Assistant and Social Media Manager

Alternate logos are key to your branding design. Sure, your main logo is the most important, but what about when your packaging changes or you need something vertical when your logo is horizontal? Today we look into all the logo’s and why they are all so important.   Primary Logo: This is the main logo […]

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