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5 Blog Topics for Wedding Pros (Based on 2022 Pinterest Trends!)

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June 6, 2022

One of my favorite tools to find trends is Pinterest! As you probably already know, weddings are HUGE on Pinterest. Not only is it continuously a top trend, but I guarantee that most of your couples have a Pinterest board when they plan their wedding. (I know I did!)

Pinners turn to Pinterest for inspiration, as well as education on how to plan their big day. And this Spring, Pinterest released a trend report of what they are seeing couples search for. So today, I want to share five blog topics for wedding pros, all based on these trends!

Pearl Everything

Pearl weddings and pearl details are trending BIG on the platform. And this was one that Pinterest predicted back in early 2022. Iridescent accents are not just huge with weddings, but with home decor, accessories, and even nail art. Let’s look at some search stats:

  • “Pearl Wedding Decorations” is up 185!
  • “Pearl Wedding” is up 3x
  • “Pearl Wedding Veil” is up 3x

What to write about:

Do a roundup of pearl accessories that your couples have had over the past few years. Talk about this trend, while highlighting your work! Or do a collaboration post with a bridal boutique to share the top gowns and accessories that feature pearls. (Bonus points if you do both!)

Black Is For Weddings

Now, this is a trend I’m pretty excited about! Gen Z is all about standing out from the crowd, and many are opting for colorful gowns. But the biggest trend? Black!

Search Stats:

  • “Black Dress Wedding Party” up by 10x
  • “Black Wedding Cakes” up 94%.
  • “Boho Black Wedding Dress” up 4x

What to write about:

Showcase your favorite ways to add black to weddings. Even if an all-black affair isn’t your ideal couple, chances are there are ways you can incorporate some black. Whether it is black paper, to black bridal party attire.


Blogging Guide for Wedding Pros

Woodland Weddings

Couples are looking to get married in lush forest landscapes and get away from the city bustle. This includes adding a touch of fairy-inspired decor, from baby’s breath, to lots of tulle.

Search Stats:

  • “Woodland Fairy Wedding” up 7x
  • “Enchanted Forest Wedding Dress” up 5x
  • “Forest Wedding Ceremony” up 2x

What to write about:

Showcase local venues that can capture this woodland vibe. Even if you are coastal, or miles away from a forest, I bet there is at least one venue close by that has lots of lush trees! Or, if there are limited tree-filled venues, share ways to incorporate this trend without having to get married in a forest.

Love Is for EVERYONE

This is by far my favorite trend! Pinners are celebrating all love stories, with searches increasing for nonbinary wedding inspiration. Show your audience that you are an inclusive wedding vendor by embracing this! As an inclusive marketing company, I believe it is SO important to run your business with inclusivity at the forefront.

Search Stats:

  • “Non-Binary Wedding Outfit” up by 8x
  • “Lesbian Bridal Party” up by 3x
  • “Gay Wedding Suits” up by 3x

What to write about:

Do a collaborative post with a local boutique sharing some of their favorite outfits for all couples. Make sure to use inclusive language, and don’t just focus on dresses. 

Sustainable Weddings

Gen Z and Millennials are often looking for ways to create a wedding day that has a minimal environmental impact. So that means eco-friendly favors, decor, and attire!

Search Stats:

  • “Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors” up 2x
  • “Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas” up 2x
  • “Reuse Wedding Dress” up 2x

What to write about:

This is another post that would be great for collaboration! Partner with another vendor, like a sustainable florist or rental company, and discuss easy ways for couples to reduce the waste at their wedding. 

Get Your Blogging On!

I hope that these blog topics inspired you to get writing, today! Love these blog topics, but don’t have time to write them yourself? No problem – blogging is our LOVE language! We have a team of four writers who can turn this prompt into a completely custom blog that targets YOUR audience. No one-size-fits-all content around here, my friend. Check out our blogging packages!


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