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6 Things To Talk About In a Real Wedding Blog Post

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February 20, 2022

I say it a lot, but I’ll say it again: Blogs need to not just be images. You need to have words in order for it to get found on Google and rank. I suggest a minimum of 300 words, but the more you can get, the better! And no, I don’t mean you need to write 2000 words. A well-formatted blog post with 500 words will always do much better than a blog post with no words and just dozens of images.

When working with new wedding pro clients, the number one question I get is: “Adrienna, I have nothing to say!” I am still in shock when wedding pros say this! We are in the BEST industry for blogging! Your weekends are filled with endless content, endless inspiration, and, trust me – endless blog topics.

As a former wedding pro myself and someone who has blogged over 800+ weddings in the last decade (many of which are featured online!) I know a thing or two about writing engaging copy that doesn’t just capture the client’s story but highlights the vendors.

But I also know what it feels to be overwhelmed and staring at that opened Word Document, unsure where to even start. So today, I want to share 6 things you can talk about in a real wedding blog post!


Make Sure To Focus On The Story (And What You Did!)

When writing a blog post for a client’s wedding or a styled shoot, the story of the couple and the wedding day should be the main point of the blog post. Every couple’s wedding is unique – so shine the spotlight on their day! This is also where you can bring in the vendors involved in the day and how they made it unique.


So, How Do I Start?

Open a Word or Google doc and start writing. Think back to grade school writing – have an opening, a middle, and a closing paragraph. Make sure you mention where the session or wedding took place – or where you’re located if you’re doing an introduction! Remember that just like in high school, the first round is a draft. If it’s easier, you can start with bullet points and turn them into paragraphs once you have your ideas down.

A real wedding or styled shoot is just that – a 300-500 word write-up about the event, with 30-40 images showing the work.

When you blog a wedding, remember you need to have text! A blog post with just images and no copy will not help you. When writing a blog post for a client’s wedding or a styled shoot, the story of the couple and the wedding day should be the main point of the blog post.

3 Blogging Myths: Debunked! with Adrienna McDermott - She Who Dares Podcast

Where Do I Get Inspired?

For inspiration, check our blogs your couples like. Martha Stewart couples want floury language and detail shots. Style Me Pretty couples want gorgeous attire and sentimental details written by the couple. Green Wedding Shoes want dramatic portraits and out-of-the-box details.



6 Things To Talk About In a Real Wedding Blog Post

  • How the couple met. This can be pulled from any questionnaires you send them to get to know them. This is also great for engagement sessions! So if you are blogging their engagement session, and then their wedding, focus the engagement session on how they met and the proposal, and the wedding on the other details. A few things you can ask your couple (or have in your questionnaire!)
  • Talk about the location. Make sure to include why they chose that location, what venue they chose, and any personal details. One of the FIRST things couples search for on Google are venues. So by talking about the venue in detail and what they did to uniquely design it, you will help get your content infant of those searching for that venue. Of course, make sure to link all venues/vendors! A few things you can cover:
    • If you are wedding planner: Why did they select this venue? Did you help them pick it?
    • If you are a wedding photographer: What are your favorite areas at this venue for portraits?
    • What locations did the couple utilize?
    • How did the couple customize their decor to make it unique?
  • Share personal details. Did they have hand-written vows during the ceremony? Or did they have a special moment during the reception? Sharing personal details helps you connect with your reader.
  • What the wedding party wore. This can be a great addition to SEO! Couples are always looking for real images of wedding gowns – so make sure to include the designer, style, and bridal boutique it was purchased from. Include the bridesmaid’s dresses, what color they were, and the designer. And don’t forget the menswear!
  • What you did for them. This is especially important for planners. How did you help them plan their wedding? What package did they book? Make sure to link to your services page so a reader can easily see what packages you offer.
  • The couple’s story. I know during busy wedding season it’s so easy to just move to the next couple. To be so busy you want their wedding over with. Or maybe it’s a couple that isn’t your style. But don’t forget – these people chose you. It’s an honor to be chosen as a wedding vendor. They had dozens of options and chose you. The least they deserve is a write up of their love story no matter how “generic” it seems on paper.


The Wedding Pros Guide to Blogging

The Wedding Pro’s Guide To Blogging

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Outsource Your Blogging

Another solution to your blogging? Outsource! At Ava And The Bee, we have blogged hundreds of blogs for the top wedding pros in the country. From wedding planners, to photographers, to venue owners – we have written for them all! Blogging is our love language. We don’t just focus on writing blogs – we work together with you to create a quarterly content strategy so we can follow the trends + seasonality of the wedding industry in your area. Learn more about our blogging services, here!


6 Things To Talk About In a Real Wedding Blog Post | Ava And The Bee

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