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How To Write Quality Blog Content

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January 4, 2020

You are an authority in your field and an expert. So show it! One of the most important things to do is to create quality content. This is where having a blog comes in. While creating quality content is important for social media, a blog allows you to expand on that knowledge. If you are a wedding florist, write blogs on how to pick the right bouquet, flowers, or color palettes. If you have a shop on Etsy, write about DIY projects you can teach. Writing a quality blog post that shows your expertise not only engages your audience but keeps them coming back for more.

It is important to be consistent with your content. I recommend posting 1 blog per week, at a minimum. This way, you are coming up with 4 posts per month and updating your website weekly. Even just 1 blog post a week will help boost your SEO rankings!

Have A Goal In Mind For Every Blog Post

For each blog post, have a clear and defined goal of what the blog will be about. Will it be informative? Will it be about your services? Is it to increase inquiries? You also need to make sure you know what audience you are trying to attract. When you first start your blog, you may not have a clear idea of who your audience is, but you should have an idea. Is it a potential client? Or is it professional looking for advice?

Don’t Forget A Call To Action!

Include a call to action throughout the blog post (and your website!). I like to have one in the introduction, as well as one in the ending of the blog post. For the end of the blog post, summarize what all you went over. Then encourage the readers to do something else. Offer them another blog post to read, where you go over a topic similar. Or point them to a service you offer.

What To Write About For a Quality Blog

When writing a blog post for a client’s wedding or a styled shoot, the story of the couple, and the wedding day should be the main point of the blog post. Every couple’s wedding is unique – so shine the spotlight on their day! This is also where you can bring in the vendors that were involved in the day, and how they made it unique.

A few ideas of what you can cover:

  • How the couple met. This can be pulled from any questionnaires you send them to get to know them.
  • Talk about the location. Make sure to include why they chose that location, what venue they chose, and any personal details. Make sure to link all venues/vendors!
  • Share personal details. Did they have hand-written vows during the ceremony? Or did they have a special moment during the reception? Sharing personal details helps you connect with your reader.
  • What the bridal party wore. This can be a great addition to SEO! Brides are always looking for real images of wedding gowns – so make sure to include the designer, style, and bridal boutique it was purchased from. Include the bridesmaid’s dresses, what color they were, and the designer. And don’t forget the menswear!
  • What you did for them. This is especially important for planners. How did you help them plan their wedding? What package did they book? Make sure to link to your services page so a reader can easily see what packages you offer.

Not sure what you can write about! Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of coming up with quality blog topics? No problem! I have created a FREE workbook just for you all! This workbook walks you through how to start your blog, step by step.

How To Start a Blog As a Wedding Photographer or Wedding Planner - Ava And The Bee

What does this workbook include?

This workbook has a step-by-step guide that walks you through how to come up with blog topics. And since it is a workbook, there is space for you to write directly in it! This workbook will help you come up with blog content that shows readers what you are an expert in. PLUS, I include the blog outline I use for each and every one of my blog posts! This outline lets me make sure I stick on topic and produce the best content. And, to help you even more, I also include 20 additional blog topics! These are all universal topics that you can use in any industry, from a wedding photographer to a wedding planner, to venue owners and florists.


Overwhelmed? Hire a Virtual Assistant!

Are you still thinking, “Adrienna, blogging is just too much for me!” We can help! We offer blogging services that can fit your needs! Whether you are looking for trends and topics, or help blogging weddings and styled shoots, we can do that for you! We have blogged hundreds of weddings, and with 10+ years in the wedding industry, we can write your blog posts that cover a variety of topics. Maybe you want to share your tips for the perfect engagement shoot, or even go over what an ideal timeline looks like for your client, we can do that!


How To Write Quality Blog Content - Ava And The Bee - Digital Marketing for Wedding Vendors

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