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August 1, 2019

One of the things I am most passionate about as a digital marketer and virtual assistant for wedding professionals is niching down. I have found that niching can grow your business so much quicker, and allow you better quality clients, that give you work that you love to do! Niche marketing is often easier than promoting to a wide audience. If you try to target everyone, you are ultimately targeting no one. It’s way more lucrative, and your clients can benefit because you have a laser-focused skill set and are an expert. If you try to appeal to everyone, the competition will be much more intense, and the market is really saturated. It’s much much harder to get noticed this way, when you target everyone!

The Support Squad Podcast

So when I was asked to be on The Support Squad Podcast, I was excited to not just share my journey, but to share about niching down! The Support Squad Podcast is where virtual assistants come to share their best business tools and tips. Hosted by Sharon Nissen, a virtual assistant for life coach, it is filled with incredible interviews, tips, and insights! Whether you’re a new virtual assistant looking for advice on how to get started, or are an established virtual assistant looking to expand your skills and invite even more abundance into your career, this is the podcast for you.


How To Niche Down

A niche can be an industry or a skill-set. When I got started, I saw that the people that needed me most were creatives in the wedding industry. When I made the leap into marketing myself to wedding professionals, my inquiries tripled! And while I believe there’s nothing wrong with marketing yourself as a general virtual assistant, I have seen that over time, virtual assistants will learn what they love to do most. If you love doing social media over administrative tasks, stop doing administrative tasks! It is important to focus on what you love. When you get started, start broad, but take note of what you love doing, and fine-tune as you go!

Exclusive Pinterest Training

Not only was I a guest on The Support Squad Podcast, but I am a Guest Expert for her Support Squad Membership Community! This monthly membership community features in-depth training from guest experts, live group coaching calls, a private Facebook group, guest blogging opportunities, and more. Pinterest has been an incredible tool in my business. It’s helped me grow my email list, find new clients, and it’s a great service to offer clients! I believe that it’s time to start thinking of Pinterest as a powerful business tool, not just a place to find gluten-free cookie recipes. Which is why I am so excited to offer my EXCLUSIVE training, just for those inside this community!

Join The Creative VA Academy

If you want numbers like these (hello 1.7 Million viewers!) You need to take a listen. I also offer this training, plus a complete Tailwind + Canva training in my course, The Creative VA Academy! The Creative VA Academy is for those who want to become virtual assistants and social media managers for creative businesses. This course teaches you how to work from home for creatives like wedding professionals, designers, and boutiques! PLUS, you get bonus content like my Pinterest course, blogging course, and so much more!

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