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October 23, 2019

Time and time again I hear the same thing from wedding pros: They want to outsource, but are unsure where to start. They start to feel overwhelmed, and exhausted at the idea of outsourcing. How do they organize? What does a virtual assistant need from them? Where do they find someone?

This is something I come across each and every week at Ava And The Bee, and I know it can be overwhelming to outsource! Many times, outsourcing also means taking the time to look at your business, and see what adjustments need to be made. When you start to outsource, you will also need to have some prep-work in place.

She Creates Business Podcast

I am so excited to share my episode of the She Creates Business Podcast! Kinsey Roberts hosts this amazing weekly Podcast, just for Wedding Pros. She interviews women entrepreneurs in the wedding industry just like you.

Each episode shares a business-building strategy that you can apply to your own business. From wedding planners to photographers and venue owners to calligraphers, no topic is off-limits!

On this episode, I cover the 4 Ways We Can Prepare our Wedding Business to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant. I walk you through how to get your business ready, step by step!


4 Ways to Prepare Your Wedding Business to Hire Your First VA - She Creates Business Podcast


Get The Freebie – 4 ways to prepare your business to outsource!

In this workbook, not only do I share items you can outsource as a wedding vendor, but I also walk you through how to do it, step by step. This FREE guide will make outsourcing even easier, and something you can cross off your list (instead of adding to it!).

The ultimate guide to outsourcing for Wedding Professionals


Read my blog series – How To Prepare Your Business to Outsource

To dive even deeper, I have a complete series, that covers everything you need to know to outsource to a virtual assistant or digital marketing company (like Ava And The Bee!) Next, I covered how to prepare your business to outsource social media. And my final posts cover everything you need to know about outsourcing your blogging.


Learn the 4 Ways to Prepare Your Wedding Business to Outsource - She Creates Business Podcast - Ava And The Bee Digital Marketing for Wedding Professionals and Wedding Photographers

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