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July 17, 2019

If you are a wedding professional, chances are you have thought about outsourcing, and finding a virtual assistant. But, you might be nervous. What services can they provide? Where do I find a good virtual assistant? How do I know my business is ready for a virtual assistant? There are so many things to think about! Which is why I am so excited to share my episode on the Be Fabbo Podcast – A Wedding Industry Podcast. On this podcast, hosted by Bobbi Brinkman Photography, you get to hear candid conversations with wedding professionals, for stories and tips inside the wedding industry. As Bobbi says, when we share what we know and have learned, we feel less isolated– or that we are failing.

On this episode, we cover everything you need to know about outsourcing as a wedding professional. And obviously, that is a lot! So much information, in fact, that there is a BONUS episode where we cover even more.

How to prepare to hire a virtual assistant.

One of the biggest things we cover in the episode is how to get ready to find a virtual assistant.

  1. Be ready to outsource. I know this company is your baby. I get that. Just know that you will need to let go of the reins a little bit and allow your #virtualassistant to help. Wedding professionals can be even harder at letting go, especially since it can be hard to find a virtual assistant with wedding knowledge. That is why at Ava And The Bee we ONLY work with wedding professionals. Our team members are all experts in the field, which means you don’t have to worry about finding the right fit.
  2. What is not getting done in your business, that needs to get done? Take a step back and look at what isn’t getting done, and start keeping a list. Take a few weeks to do this too, and think about what items you really need to outsource now, and what is less important, that we can tackle down the road. I recommend having 2-3 big issues that you want to tackle with your virtual assistant.
  3. What are tasks that are outside of your zone of genius, that you need to be accomplished in your business? Remember, you can’t be an expert at everything! It’s important for you to focus your time and energy in your business on what YOU are good at. So if you love being a wedding photographer, but hate blogging, outsource blogging! 


What to outsource as a wedding professional - The Be Fabbo Podcast | Ava And The Bee Virtual Assistant for Wedding Professionals

Listen to the BONUS Episode!

Bobbi and I covered so much about outsourcing as a wedding professional and wedding business owner that there is a BONUS episode! Bobbi collected some amazing questions from wedding vendors, including planners, caterers, photographers, and much more. So I sat down and answered them all. From how often you should be blogging, to what tasks different industries can assign to a virtual assistant, we cover it all. This bonus episode is one you need to listen to!


Guide to Outsourcing As A Wedding Professional by Ava And The Bee


Looking to outsource, but not sure where to start?

To make the outsourcing process even easier, I have made this FREE guide and workbook! This workbook will not only share hundreds of things you can outsource to a virtual assistant, but also help you figure out what you need to outsource! It will walk you through how to find the top tasks you need to outsource, what your goals are, and what are the top three things you need to outsource right now.

I have hundreds of tasks you can outsource, laid out by industry, and by type! Industries include wedding photographers, wedding planners, hair and makeup artists, and MUCH more! This guide will help you outline what you need to outsource, and help make finding the perfect virtual assistant for your wedding business even easier!

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