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Alternate Logos

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August 1, 2018

Alternate logos are key to your branding design. Sure, your main logo is the most important, but what about when your packaging changes or you need something vertical when your logo is horizontal? Today we look into all the logo’s and why they are all so important.

The importance of alternate logos | Ava And The Bee Virtual Assistant and Social Media Manager


Primary Logo:

This is the main logo you use. This is what you will use the most, and will be the most recognized by your clients. This is the stamp of your brand.


Alternate logo: (also known as Monograms, Secondary and Submarks)

This is another version (or two) of your logo, that you can use for different situations. It can be smaller, or a different shape then your main logo, to be used for other products or smaller spaces.


About my alternate logo:

When creating my logo, I wanted to make sure I had options. While my block logo is the main one I use, I created a few secondary ones.

This one features my second tagline, creative! I’m not just a virtual assistant who does admin tasks. I love creating, designing and making items that match your brand. From graphics to letterheads, to Facebook Ads, I can do it all! This logo lets my viewer see a different side of my company, as well as complementing colors I use in my branding.

The importance of alternate logos | Ava And The Bee Virtual Assistant and Social Media Manager

Does logo design or branding, overwhelm you? Do you need an extra set of hands? I can help! Contact me to start a conversation on your brand, and how I can help.

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