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A journey to self love

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Behind The Scenes


July 30, 2018

Attract what you expect. Reflect what you desire. Become what you respect. Mirror what you admire.

These words have resonated so true with me for the last few months. When I decided to become a virtual assistant, I was at a crossroad in my life. I had recently left a business I had helped to start, and was ready for something that fulfiled myself. I was finally mentally prepared to take something on.. but I didn’t know what.

How self love can change your life | Virtual Assistant | Social Media Marketing | Social Media Manager | Ava And The Bee


Attract What You Expect:

I knew I loved helping others, and it was truly what gave me the biggest joy. When I sold wedding gowns, it wasn’t about the sale, it was about truly making someone happy. It was about the look on the bride’s face when she found the one. Making money was never what it was about for me. I wanted to attract this feeling into my life, and I wanted to help others.


Reflect what you desire:

So when my friends started talking about needing help, it made me think “well, why can’t I help?” My friend Wendy was looking for a virtual assistant but knew training someone would take forever. How do you train the wedding industry, or starting your own business, to someone? It’s years and years of experience, failures, and successes. It’s not like any other industry out there. But I had years of experience and didn’t need training. I was the perfect fit! Wendy trusted me and was my biggest cheerleader in this transition.

I had a burning desire to do this, and to succeed. I didn’t want this to be a temporary fix to my life but be permanent. I knew that I would be moving from Savannah soon, as my boyfriend was getting out of the Army, so I outlined a 6-month plan to make Ava And The Bee full time. And I stuck to it, each and every month. Even when I was up all night, and exhausted since I had a 9-5 job, I worked. I made myself grow my company. Desire must be great enough that it becomes the driving force that causes you to do whatever necessary to make your dream a reality.


Become what you respect:

But I was so worried… how would I find clients? How would people trust me, like Wendy did? I started taking a 10-week meditation course… and the answers came flooding in. To be successful, I had to love and respect myself first. I had to finally listen to myself, my body, and my desires. I started doing daily meditations and reflecting on what made ME happy. I stopped letting other people’s opinions get to me, and stress me out. I started listening to what I needed to sleep better, to feel better. And it worked. Taking care of myself changed the energy around me and aligned myself with clients who were ideal for me.


Mirror what you admire:

My self-love started to show, and I started to get busy with customers. I started finding my tribe, the people who truly loved and cared for me. I surrounded myself with positive people and had an incredible Wednesday workgroup that was filled with people that had success. I turned my life from feeling confused and lost to feeling confident in my path.


I truly believe if you focus your intention on positivity and change… you can change your world. It won’t come overnight. And it won’t be easy. There were plenty of emotions I had pushed aside for years that meditation brought forward. There were plenty of nights of tears and frustration. But, pursuing your dream isn’t easy, and I don’t think it should be. The more you grow from your dream, the better you become.

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