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May 30, 2019

Being on a Podcast was one of my goals in 2019 for Ava And The Bee. I love listening to them, so I while I don’t want to start my own, I wanted to be interviewed on some! So when I got contacted by This Week In Weddings asking for me to be on it, I jumped for joy! I love this podcast, which is for wedding professionals, and a support group for wedding industry entrepreneurs.

What to outsource to a virtual assistant as a wedding professional - Ava And The Bee


Why You Should Outsource

I have worked in the wedding industry for quite some time, so I know how important it is to outsource your work. I used to co-own a wedding planning and bridal boutique and florist company in Savannah, Georgia, called Ivory And Beau. Running this shop was pretty exhausting since we were understaffed. When you own your small business, hiring a ton of full time, or even part-time, employees can get expensive. So a Virtual Assistant can offer amazing services while being cost effective!

For example: Hiring a social media manager or community advisor will cost $30,000+ per year. A virtual social media manager will cost $500-$1200/month. (Keep in mind, this will vary! Some may cost more depending on how many channels they manage, or how much content they create. The average rate is $500+ per social media outlet) Even if you pay someone $1,000/month, that is only $12,000! Thousands less than a full-time employee. I go into this in more detail in my blog post, What Is A Virtual Assistant.

This Week In Weddings

On the podcast, I talk about all things virtual assistant for wedding professionals! A virtual assistant can help with some of your back office tasks without the expense of an employee. There are a ton of tasks you can outsource, but some of the most popular – that we do here at Ava And The Bee, are the following:

  • Blogging- We can cull through a wedding, styled shoot, or product shoot and pick the top 30 or so to blog. We then go in and find the right SEO keywords, rename each image with the keywords, resize for web, insert into your blog (Squarespace or WordPress), add Alt Tags, select a featured image, ensure the URL slug has the Keyword and can do a 300-500 word write up! Plus, if you have WordPress, we ensure “Green” on Yoast!
  • Pinterest- We offer a variety of Pinterest packages, starting at 5-10 pins per day, and going up to 15-20 pins per day. We also utilize the service Tailwind to ensure the best posting schedule.
  • Website updates- We have knowledge in Squarespace, Wix, WordPress (including Flo Themes) and ShowIt! So we can update your website to include new images, new copy, or even add pages as needed.
  • Client album creation- Albums for clients is a huge upsell for wedding photographers! Let us tackle the album creation. We will go through the wedding, pick the top images, create the initial layout, and up to two client revisions!
  • Marketing materials- Opt-In PDF’s & graphic design – we can do it all! We have expert experience in Canva, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Plus, a whole lot more!

Where Do You Start To Outsource?

But where do you start? What can a virtual assistant even take on? And what can I outsource? These are some of the FAQ I get from inquiries. Which is why I have created a FREE guide on outsourcing! This workbook will not only share hundreds of things you can outsource to a virtual assistant but also help you figure out what you need to outsource! It will walk you through how to find the top tasks you need to outsource, what your goals are, and what are the top three things you need to outsource right now.

Guide to Outsourcing As A Wedding Professional by Ava And The Bee

After you listen to This Week In Weddings, make sure to download my FREE workbook to start your outsourcing process today!

What to outsource to a virtual assistant as a wedding professional - This Week In Weddings

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