The Creative VA Academy

The only digital course just for creative virtual assistants and freelancers, The Creative VA Academy is for those who want to become virtual assistants, freelancers, and social media managers for creative businesses. This course teaches you how to work from home for creatives like wedding professionals, designers, and boutiques! The Creative VA Academy consists of 8 modules that walk you through the most important things to learn to become a successful VA.

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Virtual Assistant Mentorships

Have you seen The Creative VA Academy, and are thinking, “How can I get 1:1 coaching outside of the course?” Than my mentorships are your answer! Are you unsure of if this is the business for you? Are you looking to grow your virtual assistant business into something bigger? Are you feeling overwhelmed at where to start? My mentorships can help you start your company from the ground up, or help you grow your current one.

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Wedding Professional Mentorship

You have a passion for weddings, and this amazing industry. You know this is the industry for you, but you are stuck. You are spending money on different advertising, social media, and marketing, but are not sure if it is getting you any results. My mentorships will help you find out where you are getting stuck, and help you achieve your powerful goals. This is for wedding planners, wedding photographers, bridal boutiques, artists, stationary designers, or anyone else in the wedding industry!


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