a one hour course

Email Marketing Funnels 101

for Wedding Professionals

A 4-part workshop teaching you the in's and out's of email marketing funnels and how to use it inside your wedding business!

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Having a successful marketing funnel is

essential for your wedding business.

THIS 4-part WORKSHOP WILL TEACH YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED know about creating effective email funnels for your wedding business.

I hate to break it to you, but if you don't have an effective email funnel in place, you're missing out on SO much opportunity to grow your wedding business.

In fact, I'm going to take it a step further and say that a successful marketing funnel is an essential part of running a wedding business.

But it can get pretty overwhelming, am I right?

That's why inside this workshop, I'm walking you through what marketing funnels are - backed with real-life examples and strategies - so you can start implementing right away!

You will also learn the three biggest email funnels you need - plus, gain a clear understanding of the three main stages of a marketing funnel and how to grow and nurture your audience along the way!

Curious what else you'll learn inside this 4-part workshop? Keep scrolling to check it out!

Here's what 

you will learn

everything you need to know.

The workshop covers what a marketing funnel is, the three main stages of the funnel, and how to grow each stage. It will also cover three types of email funnels, including a lead magnet, inquiry nurture sequence, and client experience sequence. 

just for wedding professionals & vendors

Marketing as a wedding professional is completely different than any other small business. So I use real wedding vendor examples - no need to figure it out for your business! Examples include photographers, planners, hair and makeup, venues and more!

email templates

I'm also including Email Copy Outlines ($97 value!) to use for every stage.

bonus video!

Your bonus video will cover how to set up an email funnel in FloDesk - so you can begin implementing what you learn right away!

teach me email funnels!

how to get inquiries to book

You will learn the email funnels you need to grow your audience, turn a warm inquiry into a hot one, and nurture your current clients for an incredible customer experience. 

how do i know this works?

Because I've been doing this

since 2018.

marketing is my passion.

Once I realized social media alone wasn't going to grow my business, I dove head first into the world of email marketing - though, I'll have to admit,  really enjoyed it.

Strategy is kinda my thing, after all. 

And that's what email marketing is: Creating the right messages at the right time so your audience can't help but buy your amazing products and services!

So I mastered email copy, buying journeys, nurture sequences, lead magnets, opt ins, and more and the inquiries started rolling in! So much that I began offering it as a service to my clients and they found the same great success.

AND THAT's why i MADE THIS WORKSHOP! TO teach you how to get the same results i get for my clients - without having to outsource.

ready to get started with funnels?

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