a one hour course

Understanding GA4 Google Analytics

for Wedding Professionals

A one-hour workshop that teaches everything you need to know about using (and understanding!) GA4.

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Without knowing your numbers,

you can't make informed marketing decisions.

In this 1-hour workshop tailored for wedding professionals, dive deep into the world of GA4 with real-world examples from industry peers.

Are you a wedding professional juggling countless marketing strategies, yet unsure of what's truly driving results?

Your success lies in the numbers, and mastering Google Analytics (GA4) is your ticket to clarity.

It's time to harness the power of data to transform your marketing game.

It's time to:
> Understand why data matters, and how to use the information inside GA4 to make marketing decisions.
> Get clarity on GA4 (and all the new terms and graphs!)
> Discover strategic insights into key metrics that drive wedding industry success.
> Understand the biggest metrics you should track and why they matter.
> Pair it with Google Search Console so you know the exact keywords your audience is looking for.
> Create impactful marketing strategies backed by data.

Here's what 

you will learn

everything you need to know (and what you can skip)

This workshop is specifically for wedding professionals. Learn the precise dimensions and metrics vital for your success while filtering out the noise. Focus on what truly matters for your business growth.

just for wedding professionals & vendors

Marketing as a wedding professional is completely different than any other small business. So I use real wedding vendor examples - no need to figure it out for your business! Examples include photographers, planners, stationery artists, and more!

Leverage Google Search Console Synergy

Combine GA4 insights with Google Search Console to uncover the exact keywords your audience craves, giving you an edge in catering to their needs.

bonus analytics tracker!

I also give you the exact GA4 Google Sheet we use inside our business so you can track the right data points!

teach me google analytics!

Confident Decision-Making

Understand the why behind each metric, empowering you to make informed marketing decisions that resonate with your audience.

how do i know this works?

Because I've been doing this

since 2014.

i've been right where you are.

In 2014, I co-opened a bridal boutique & wedding planning company in Savannah. I was fresh out of college, locked into a $100,000+ business loan, and clueless about "how SEO worked".

I had to figure it out fast.

So I mastered email website design, SEO and Google Analytics to start making impactful marketing decisions. And soon enough, the inquiries started rolling in!

So much that I began offering it as a service to friends, and they found the same great success.

AND THAT's why i MADE THIS WORKSHOP! TO teach you how to get the same results i get for my clients - without having to outsource.

ready to get started with analytics?

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