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How to Include Client Testimonials In Your Marketing

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June 26, 2023

We all know that client testimonials and reviews are a huge piece of marketing your wedding business. It re-affirms how amazing you are at what you do, and it also gives you social proof to share with the world. When couples are looking at wedding vendors, they are looking for reviews! Reviews are vital to building a solid know, like, and trust connection between you and your couples.

Often, I see wedding pros get a glowing review online and never do anything with it. It sits on their website, hidden, rarely ever read.

Today, I want to share all the ways you can share your testimonials and include them across ALL of your content marketing!

Make Giving a Testimonial Easy

First – you have to ask for testimonials AND make it easy! About half of my vendors didn’t even ask me for a review when I got married! I couldn’t believe how few wedding vendors asked me for a testimonial.

The biggest complaint I hear from clients is that they don’t ever get reviews. This is often because:

A) You don’t ask OR you ask once and never ask again (you have to follow up!)

B) You make it too difficult to do. You either give them 100 sites to do it, or you don’t give them prompts.

How to Make Getting Reviews Easy

Have a page on your website ready to send. On the website page, include up to 3 places you want reviews. (And a link to them!)

Give them three prompts, so they know what to talk about. Don’t just ask for testimonials! Ask specific questions. This makes it easier for your client to write a testimonial, and it will allow you to get snippets for social media, your website, and blog posts.

Questions to ask could be:

  • Why did you choose [your business name?]
  • What is your favorite memory from the planning process (great for planners!)
  • What is your favorite memory from the wedding day?
  • How was the overall experience of working with [your business name?]
  • If you could tell a newly engaged couple one thing, what would it be?
  • What was the vision of your wedding day?

Don’t rely on a third-party host. While places like The Knot and Wedding Wire are great, make sure a majority of your reviews are also on Google! This is incredible for SEO and is something you don’t have to worry about going away anytime soon.

In a Blog Post

One of my favorite spots to use testimonials is right in blog posts. This allows you to add more content to your blog post without writing from scratch! And it also allows your reader to really connect, since they are reading quotes right from your couple.

Use Quotes: insert the quotes directly! You can easily lead in with, “here is what [client name!] said about working with us!”

Or “As [couples name] told me, their favorite memory was …” and insert the quote from the testimonial.

Small Snippets: Pull in snippets like their favorite memory or a tip they have for newly engaged couples. 

Start with a Testimonial: Start the blog with a part of their testimonial OR questionnaire form.

Ex: “We wanted our day to be filled with color and joy!” And lead into a paragraph talking about how their wedding was exactly that.

For Social Media

Create Graphic Templates: Instagram doesn’t have to be only photos! You can easily create beautiful graphics for both your feed and IG stories in Canva! Keep it short and sweet- Instagram graphics with too much text can be hard to read. Just include 1-3 sentences in the graphic.

And yes, you can reuse the same graphics again and again! Consistency in graphics is important on Instagram. We want them to recognize your brand.

Pop in screenshots and DMs as you get them. These are unfiltered, true, and authentic reviews—and that is actually what a lot of people gravitate towards the most—social proof!

Create a Caption: Share a photo of the couple and share the testimonial as the caption. This allows you to show off more of the testimonial while keeping your feed consistent.

IG & FB Ads: If you are running ads, testimonials can be at the center of your ad! Whether it is in the caption or right on the image.

IG Reels: Do a slideshow of the wedding images, with a snippet of the testimonial written out.

IG Stories: Have a highlight of your reviews! This way, your couples can read through them all at once.

Your Website

Of course, your testimonials should be on your website. Not only do I suggest having them on your home page, but I also suggest having them on every single page. Yes, every page! This way, visitors won’t miss a glowing review. Plus, we know from Google Analytics no one ever clicks on those pages anyway.

Home Page: Have a rotating slideshow of reviews or a single incredible review. This seems the most obvious, but it is also the most missed when I do website audits This is one of the first places a couple will visit – and sometimes the only one! So, establish credibility and trust right from the start.

About Page: Have a review here that uses your name or something YOU did for them that stood out. This adds a human touch to your brand. Remember: people buy from people. 

Services Page: Whether you have one page or three different pages for three different packages, they all need to have at least one review. This helps couples understand how past clients have experienced and appreciated those services.

Service → Then Review → Service → Review

FAQ Page:

Chances are, you have testimonials that answer a common pain point your perspective couples might have. Use your testimonial to answer that FAQ and give an insight look at how you help them!

For Example:

Q: I am so type A, and I love planning. Why do I need a wedding planner?

A: We get it! Just hear what [Client Name] had to say about the process: (insert testimonial)

Contact Page: Have a short 1-2 sentence quote on your contact page to give them one final review to see.

Your Emails & Newsletters

Your Email Signature: You are emailing people all the time – and a lot of those people are prospective couples! By including a short snippet (not a 500-word review), you showcase your expertise to everyone who comes in contact with you. I suggest a 15-20 word review.

Ex: “Working with XYZ planner was a dream come true! They are the best in Savannah!”

Your Nurture Sequence: As part of your nurture sequence, you should include at least one review per email. A review can either be added to the copy or in a graphic. Another great place is at the bottom of the email as a footer.

Include Client Testimonials in Your Content Marketing

As you see, there are SO many places you can be sharing your reviews! Every single review you get should be shared on multiple platforms. Remember: your clients are on your website for a very short period and most likely won’t see every review (or any of them!). By sharing these across multiple platforms, you ensure more eyes see them – so go on and let them do some bragging for you!

Need help with your content marketing? Then, don’t forget to check out our brand new Yearly Content Guides below!


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