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2019 Goals

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December 27, 2018

With a new year around the corner (and my 28th birthday!) It only makes sense to come up with new goals for 2019. Having my Birthday on January 1st always gives me extra motivation to come up with goals, since it is not just for a new year, but for another year of life!

This year I want to stop putting off prioritizing me. I want to not just focus on my business, but on my personal health. This means no more 12 hour work days, and no more staying up all night worrying (so much easier said than done!) I want to focus on getting more physically fit, pushing myself further, managing my time better, and focus on saving money better. I’m setting up guidelines for work, and when I have to stop, and just relax.

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2019 Goals:


1 Million Monthly Views on Pinterest

Yep, you read that right! I want to be consistent and keep my monthly views at 1 million with an engagement of 50,000 (and above!) I hover around 400K-500K monthly views, with 32,000 engaged. But I want to dream bigger! The tool I am using to get to that goal? Tailwind! This incredible app has TRIPLED my growth, in just a few months. Check out my blog post on Pinterest to read all about Tailwind (and why I love it so much!)


Weekends Off

From the ages of 18-27 I had jobs that required working weekends. While working in the wedding industry was such a blessing, and a job I loved, working weekends got tiring. And even as a work-from-home entrepreneur, I find myself working weekends! Why? Because I hate not doing anything! So, I am determined to use my weekends to better myself and NOT work on work! That means more crafting, more art, and more outdoor time.



Meditation is one of the best gifts I have discovered in 2018. So for 2019, I want to make a dedication to daily meditation (not just when I get overwhelmed!) I want to focus on morning meditations, and evening meditations, to help center myself.


Offer my first course

This scares the heck out of me. But, I want to offer my very first course! While the exact outline and details are still floating around in my head, I want to focus Q2 on working on a course that I can offer.


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