I want to help you build a virtual assistant business that is

profitable and successful

Have you seen The Creative VA Academy, and are thinking, “How can I get 1:1 coaching outside of the course?” Than my mentorships are your answer! Are you unsure of if this is the business for you? Are you looking to grow your virtual assistant business into something bigger? Are you feeling overwhelmed at where to start? I have been there too.

Starting your own company doesn’t have to be a struggle, and you don’t have to do it alone.

Hey Adrienna, I need a virtual assistant course, not just a mentorship!

Don't worry friend, I have your back! If you are ready to become a virtual assistant, social media manager or freelancer for creative businesses, then it’s time for you to join The Creative VA Academy.

This course covers how to set up your business legally, and set it up for success, and how to market, get clients, and manage those clients!


My story

I started my life in weddings at 18, young and clueless. But over the last 9 years I have not only worked in bridal shops, I opened a bridal boutique and wedding planning company, and gained $250,000+ in yearly sales. And at 27 I started my own virtual assisting company focused on working with wedding professionals. Within 6 months I quit my full time job and became booked with clients. Before I even had a website, I had clients willing to pay me top dollar. In fact, I doubled my salary within months, and haven’t looked back since.

But I would be lying if I said it was easy. I had to leave my dream job to gain my sanity, and finally have a job that gave me freedom. After spending years working 7 days a week, I had enough. I wanted a career that allowed me to live anywhere, work from home, and support my life. And Virtual Assisting has been just that.

I finally found a career that I love, and clients that come back month after month for my services. Which is why I want to help you. When I started I had no help, no guidance. To be honest, I didn’t even know what a virtual assistant was! But I took the time to do the research, join groups, and quickly learn how to build Ava And The Bee.

Starting your own company doesn’t have to be a struggle, and you don’t have to do it alone. I want to be your cheerleader, your biggest support, and help you find your path. I want to help guide your business into success, and show you that you CAN have a job you love, with hours you can manage.

My mentorships can help you start your company from the ground up, or help you grow your current one.

Before my mentorship, I was struggling with my niche, who to target, and how to target them. 

After our call, I now have a clear idea of how to reposition myself as a Project Manager and how to go after those that are in need of one! Creating a customer avatar helped HEAPS and also I think it gave me a bit more motivation and confidence! Adrienna is my go to the next time I am in a rut with my business!

-Samantha Elizabeth

Some of the things we can cover:

How do you find clients?

The number one topic? How to find clients! Sure, you can do online platforms like Upwork, but they will not get you top dollar for your work. There are countless ways to find the perfect client, that will not only pay you a premium, but sign long term contracts.

How do you set your pricing?

And how do I know where to start? Being a virtual assistant means you have new outside fees - taxes, health insurance, etc. Being outside of a corporate job means you need to make enough to cover your expenses, and earn a profit. We can discuss pricing, and how to set prices that will keep you in business. 

What services do i offer?

While it's important to offer a variety of services, it is even more important to offer the services you enjoy, and make the most profit. We can go through your complete skill set, and discuss what services you will make the most with, and how to offer them.

how do you keep organized?

As you grow, and your company list grows, it is important to have organization so you don't miss a beat. I can show you the best tools of the trade to not only keep your tasks in line, but also how to invoice, make contracts, and send proposals.

how do you make a website & branding?

Creating a website, social media, and proper branding is essential. It not only helps clients find you, but can help you grab your target markets attention. I can walk you through creating a brand, logo, website, and PDF's to show your packages.

how do you set up client expectations?

As your client list grows, so will your client expectations and guidelines. I can help you set these now, so your clients know exactly how you work. We can set up a work schedule, client expectation forms, and more!

and so much more!

How do i stop feeling like i'm not good enough?

Mindset issues are one of the biggest hurdles in creating your own business. Am I good enough? How do I stop feeling like an imposter? How do I charge my pricing without feeling guilty? We will work together to eliminate these negative beliefs! 

how do i know if i am doing things right?

I will take a look at your website, your social media, your pricing and your contracts to give feedback and strategies on how to make it even better. We will work together to make sure you are marketing yourself correctly, and pricing your services right!

It is time for you to stop feeling stuck, alone and unsure.

It is time for you to start feeling:

The expert that you are

45 Minute Mentorship Call

During this 45 minute call, you can ask me anything! Are you looking for some strategic planning support, or questions on how to become a virtual assistant? Are you wanting to dive into the world of social media management, but are not sure where to start? Do you have questions on how to start your own business, from getting an EIN to setting up a website? I can help!

One you book your mentorship session, I will send you a questionnaire that outlines you business, and what you are looking for help with. This will cover specific topics and questions you have. During our call, we can typically get through 2-3 main topics or pain points. If you believe you have more, then I recommend the 3 month mentorship!

Prior to our call, I will go over the questionnaire, and dive into your questions. I will have answers ready for you, as well as tips, action steps and advice. I will also look at your website, social media and marketing presence to get a better idea of how we can make that perfect.

During our call we will cover the topics you have burning questions on, and organize action steps to get you where you need to be. This is all about you growing and learning! I will share any additional resources that can help your business. By the end of our call, you will walk away with a clear vision of what your next steps are!

After our call, I will send you a post-call workbook. This will include what we covered, action steps, and any additional resources we discussed during our call, or that I think will benefit you!


This includes:

• An email questionnaire to determine where you are starting, and what you want to achieve.
• 1- 45 to 60 minute recorded Zoom call (sent to you after our call, so you can re-watch again and again!)
• Access to my proven workbooks and education resources that will get you results.
• A workbook with a list of action items delivered after the call, customized for you! It will also include what we discussed during our call, and lay out a plan! I will also include any additional resources you will need to succeed.


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