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Podcast Of The Week: Decluttering

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April 3, 2019

How many of you guys are feeling the need to declutter?? ?

I know I need to!

This week’s Podcast Episode is all about decluttering. And I don’t just mean your home. I mean decluttering your life.

EmpowerHer Podcast: Episode #19

It inspired me to take my afternoon off and clean my office. Like, really clean. Organize. And clear my desk of old projects! As Melisa says, “Go deeper than the superficial stuff that’s gonna come up… start to get to a place of soul and understanding what your soul really wants in this earthly life.”

Podcast Of The Week: Decluttering | Ava And The Bee Virtual Assistant

Start with your workspace.

One of the places that become cluttered the most, and quickest, is your workspace. It can be easy to let papers pile up, and keep pushing them into the corner. Your workspace will reflect the work you put out. Cluttered environments will lead to cluttered work. Sort through all of the “stuff” that was both in and on your desk. Toss out as much as possible, or file away what is important. Label items and designate a spot for every item you choose to keep. Make sure that item stays there or goes back to that spot when you are done using it. To help keep your desk clear of paperwork, have a spot for incoming papers ONLY. Before you start your emails, go through this paperwork. Toss, file, or delegate each item, but do NOT keep them on top of your desk.

Don’t forget your computer.

If you are anything like me, you probably have a lot on your desktop. Get rid of most of the icons on your desktop, or organize them. Not only do they slow down your computer, but it also creates visual clutter. I created a custom wallpaper that lets me organize the items on my desktop. Each icon has a section it goes in, and I have found that this system has encouraged me to file away items much quicker.

How to declutter as a Virtual Assistant | Ava And The Bee

Decluttering the past.

One of the things that hit closest to home is the idea of decluttering your life, and cleaning out things you are clinging to. Often times, these are things that are keeping you in the past, and keeping you stuck (even if you do not notice it!) I sometimes hold on to objects and emotions too tightly and refuse to let them go. I do this even when it hurts me. Or even when it gives me sleepless nights. I dwell on the past with such passion and desire that I forget to look at right is in front of me.

Give yourself permission to let go.

It’s important to allow yourself to let go of things, even if they are new and in good condition. When you start to think of your things as part of your environment and ecosystem, it becomes easier to pare down to only the stuff you really love. You can also give yourself permission to have nicer – but way fewer – things. Invest in better quality items that will last forever, not cheap shirts and shoes that will clutter your hallway and fall apart in a year.

Reduce your commitments.

This one is going to most likely be one of the hardest. Learning to say no to new commitments and plans can be really hard, especially when we want to please everyone. However, all of these commitments can clutter your life. These can include work, school, or friend commitments. Take a look at all of the commitments you have agreed to. Try to do this for the next 3 months. Seeing all of these items you have committed to can be a real eye-opener. Look at each one carefully. Will it bring you joy in your life? Will it bring you value? And will it be worth the time invested in it?

Only keep the ones that you are truly excited for, or will add real value to your life, and get rid of the rest. Learn to say no, and decline offers if it feels it might overwhelm you. Keep the time open for the things you love!


This episode really helped open my eyes to what it means to remove things from your life. And remove them well. I truly hope that after you take a listen, you are able to really take the time to look into what you are cluttering your world with. Whether it is physical things or emotional attachments you just can’t let go.


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