Utilize this incredible platform with SEO focused strategy and proven results.


is the best way to share your blog posts.

Utilize this incredible platform with SEO focused strategy and proven results.

As a wedding pro, you know that most of your clients use Pinterest when planning their weddings. Heck, most of your couples are on Pinterest years before they ever get engaged.

But the best part? Pinterest wants users to get off the platform, and go to a website (YOUR website!). Instagram and Facebook on the other hand? They want users to stay on the platform for as long as possible.

Pinterest is one of the leading website traffic drivers for wedding pros, but is often seen as social media and not an SEO strategy. At Ava And The Bee, we approach Pinterest with a strategic focus and are all about sharing your incredible content with the world.

but it also takes a lot of time.

the packages we offer

monthly management

blogging + pinterest

audits + account setup

We handle it all - monthly Pinterest, Tailwind + Analytics.

Comfortable with Pinterest, but looking for a complete audit and refresh? We can do that!

Get your digital marketing to work for you + grow your online presence! 

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looking for something different? reach out and let us know - we love to customize!

Comfortable with Pinterest, but looking for a complete audit or brand new account? We can do that!

Let's take your current Pinterest account and give it a complete refresh. This includes SEO keyword research to find the right keywords to target, creating new boards, removing old boards, creating a new bio, and much more!

We will also pin your past blogs, set up items in Tailwind, and make sure your account is linked correctly to your website. Available for both Pinterest and Tailwind.

Pinterest Audits & Setups

Starts at $250

this is for you if:

You want to do Pinterest yourself, but want to make sure it is setup correctly.

We handle it all - Pinterest, Tailwind, Graphics, Video Pins, Idea Pins + Analytics.

We will take care of every aspect of Pinterest, including posting your blogs, creating engaging content targeted to your audience, and running your Tailwind account.

The first month includes: SEO keyword research, writing keyworded descriptions for each board, a new account bio, website domain verification, establishing a daily pin schedule, and setting up Tailwind.

Each month after: Weekly pinning and upkeep through Tailwind, pinning 8-15 pins per day, pinning new content including your blog posts, and monthly analytics reports.

Monthly Pinterest

Starts at $400 per month

this is for you if:

You blog 2-4 posts per month, and are looking to expand your growth.

You have incredible content to blog and share, but you don’t have the time to do it.

We will create a weekly content marketing strategy, with 2-4 blogs per month, and daily pinning, Tailwind management, and monthly analytics reports.

The first month will be a complete Pinterest Audit & Tailwind Set up to ensure the best engagement and SEO. We will also create all graphic pins, idea pins, video pins, and manage every little piece.

Blogging & Pinterest

Starts at $800 per month

this is for you if:

You are ready to take your marketing to the next level and utilize multiple platforms.

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we started working together june 2018

real client


number of blog posts we have written for them


increase in website traffic since 2019


increase in organic traffic since 2019


increase in Pinterest traffic since 2018


increase in social traffic since 2018


it's about pinning with strategy

If you are not blogging and creating new content, Pinterest will not work. Pinterest is about new, fresh and engaging content. So unless you blog or create new content a few times a month, it’s not going to give you a good ROI.

I know a lot of people out there will try to sell you Pinterest services without explaining the strategy, but we are not that kind of business.

it's not just about pinning pictures

that means you have to blog.

It's not just about pinning pretty pictures. It's about writing keyword focused titles, descriptions, and creating graphic pins that convert to website traffic.

seo focused

Our monthly packages include monthly analytics. But we don't just run the numbers - we break down the data to tell you what it means, what we can do to improve, and what content we should write about next.

monthly analytics

Do your business the biggest favor possible and hire her immediately! Hiring her is without a doubt been the BEST thing I’ve done for my business in years. I started outsourcing everything that wasn’t getting done, or I didn’t like doing, or I wasn’t good at (it was a long list!), and she rocks every single project I give her. From prompt communication to delivering exceptional work, I have loved working with her every step of the way.


Photographer | Apt. B Photography

Working with Ava and The Bee was an easy decision after chatting with a few other companies. Their communication is fantastic, they are knowledgeable in so many common platforms and make the process a breeze. Most importantly, I have more time to work in other areas of my business and have seen tremendous growth in our website traffic and inquiries. Our audience looks forward to our content being that it is presented regularly and I do not have to worry about spending so much time on blogging that I can spend in other areas of the business or simply having some personal time to myself. 


Wedding Planner, Makeup Artist | Verve NJ


Photographer | Julie Wilhite Photography

To have someone like Ava And The Bee who I trust completely with helping me with my business is a game-changer and I'm so thankful. Before hiring Ava And The Bee, I was having enough time to do all the things. Since working together, I've made lots of headway with my Pinterest strategy, even booking a bride off of Pinterest! Adrienna is easy to communicate with, produces high-quality work, has tons of experience and can pretty much do anything.


Photographer |  Izzy + Co.

Hiring Ava And The Bee has alleviated many of the tasks that I hate doing and just never got done, allowing me peace of mind that they are being done efficiently and more effectively than I could do them and allowing me to focus on the other parts of my business that I enjoy or simply spending time with my family. You are always on the lookout for ways to improve the business and life of each of the businesses or people that you work with and that's super special!


Photographer | Mika LH Photography

Before working with Ava and The Bee, I was struggling with keeping up with blogging and pinning my images. At first, I was a little hesitant to outsource blogging and pinning but it has been a lifesaver! I appreciate all the work they have done for me. I love seeing my blogs and pins growing on my website and Pinterest account. I love how efficient and organized Ava And The Bee have been. By working with them, it has aved me time and helped me focus on editing all my sessions and weddings.


Wedding Planner | Verve Event Co.

In 6 months she increased my monthly engaged from 128K to 869K on Pinterest!
Working with Adrienna and her team has given me more time to focus on what I need to do in my business. I wasn't getting to my blog posts and publishing pins on Pinterest. Now I can put together a blog post and her team will take care of the rest, which means I've been able to consistently post a blog 2x every month since working with her.


Wedding Photographer | Shaw Photo Co.

Before Ava And The Bee, we struggled with consistent Blogging, Pinterest, and a cohesive branding look. Since working with Ava And The Bee, our SEO is growing, branding is cohesive, and lots of SUBSCRIBERS! We absolutely recommend them!

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