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June 25, 2018

Welcome to Ava And The Bee! I am a virtual assistant who specializes in working with wedding professionals and small business creatives. I’ve worked in weddings for 9 years, from working in bridal boutiques to co-owning a wedding planning/bridal boutique/floral design company, to now helping small businesses grow.

A perk of hiring a virtual assistant like me? I know what it’s like to work in weddings, and what it’s like to run a company! I know how valuable your time is, and how important it is to outsource tasks, to free up your time to make your company grow. I know what the hustle is like, and how weekends are never really “free”. I want to help your business grow, and I want to be your partner.

So what are some virtual assistant tasks I can do?

  1. Social Media
    1. Let’s make your social media less stressful! I can help you create content, content calendars, and help you grow your online presence.
  2. Blogging
    1. I know how time-consuming blogging is, and how during wedding season you are exhausted, and the idea of spending an hour or more blogging sounds like torture. But don’t worry, I can help! I can cull images for you to post, do write ups, and make sure your posts are SEO optimized.
  3. Admin Tasks
    1. Are you looking for someone to help with admin tasks, like email management, data entry, or graphic design? I offer lot’s of options!


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