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Featured: She Who Dares Podcast

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January 31, 2022

I’m not sure the exact date I first listened to the She Who Dares Podcast. But I know the exact episode. It was the episode “The One Thing We Did To Pivot During Covid.” It must have been early in the Pandemic when we were putting out fires left and right. It was one of the hardest times for wedding pros, but hearing Brandee’s confidence and insight was uplifting. 

Ever since then, I followed Brandee around the internet. From podcast episodes to Clubhouse (and being part of her Morning Show For Wedding Pros!), and today I am so honored to share that I am the guest today!


Adrienna McDermott on She Who Dares Podcast - 3 Blogging Myths, Debunked

Brandee reached out a while back asking for my insight on some blogging myths. The ones we both hear time and time again.

  • Blogging is dead. No one reads blogs anymore.
  • Blogging takes too long. I have to write 2000 words to get my blogs working.
  • I have nothing to write about.

Oh my friends, I hear these ALL the time. But let me let you in on a little secret….

Blogging isn’t dead. It doesn’t take 2000 word blog posts to improve SEO, and you have a TON to write about.

In this episode of the She Who Dare Podcast I am debunking 3 of the biggest myths I hear about blogging – and sharing my tips and tricks to get you excited to blog! Make sure to take a listen – and shoot me a DM on Instagram! I would love to hear what you think!


She Who Dares Podcast - Episode 118 - 3 Blogging Myths Debunked

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