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Case Study: Karina Pires Photography Website

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Case Study, Website and SEO


May 25, 2020

Karina Pires is a photographer located in Los Angles California, who I have had the pleasure of working with over the past year! Not only have we done monthly blogging for Karina, but also various Pinterest and website tasks. In March, she reached out looking to purchase a new website template, and get it implemented.

Our Showit5 Template Setup Packages allow our clients to purchase any template, and we do the complete setup! We take their branding, copy, and images, and add it to their template. We also did a comprehensive SEO keyword research for Karina, to ensure we were targeting the correct keywords.

The Details

Client: Karina Pires Photography
Package: Showit5 Complete Template Set Up and SEO Keyword Research
Timeline: 5 Weeks
Template Used: Lake Highlands by Jessica Gingrich at Just Add Moxie
Final Website:  https://karinapiresphotography.com/

The Challenge

The focus of Karina’s new website was not just creating a beautiful site – but making it SEO friendly, and show off her new branding. After a few weeks of branding updates, Karina came to us with a new color palette, fonts, and images she wanted to use. Karina’s former website was built on WordPress, using FloThemes. Unfortunately, her template was no longer updatable and unavailable anymore on FloThemes, so creating a new site was essential. Showit5 allowed her to keep her blogs on WordPress, while having a new template and user-friendly website.

While Karina felt her old website was working, she felt it wasn’t showing off her style, and capturing her ideal clients. She wanted her website to feel more natural, with more neutral colors. Together, we worked together to ensure her new website would be the perfect fit.

Our goal was:

  • To make the website easy to navigate
  • Show clients clear call to actions
  • Implement up to date SEO based off our analysis
  • Increase the number of conversions
  • Implement and add Karina’s new branding
  • Increase the traffic to her blog

The Process

At Ava And The Bee, we try and keep the process as seamless as possible. First, we did a comprehensive SEO Keyword research, to target the right keywords. Karina is in the Los Angeles area, but wanted to focus on the coastal communities of Malibu and Santa Monica. Our SEO Keyword Package is the perfect addition for our website clients. It allows us to do an in-depth analysis of current keywords, and which new ones to implement. We also are able to create our Meta Descriptions and titles ahead of time, so we know how to keyword the website as we are editing the template.

Second, we assisted Karina in finding the perfect template. We guided her to some of our favorite template designers and helped walk through which templates would be best for her vision.

After the final template was chosen, made my Jessica Gingrich Designs, we created a comprehensive document where Karina could place all of the elements for her website. This included images, copy, and edits to the template.

We had weekly contact points, to ensure the template was going in the right direction, and to make sure we had all of the elements. All images were re-sized for web, alt tags added, and added into the template with SEO Keywords. Karina hired a copywriter, The Write Lens, to assist in new copy, which was amazing!

Case Study: Karina Pires Photography Website

The Final Website

Our turnaround was 5 weeks, from contract sign, to final completion. Many of the pages were kept the same, with just the new images and copy entered. Some of the edits included:

  • Making sure all of the colors and fonts were updated to the new branding.
  • Adding the logo throughout
  • Connecting and linking all pages together
  • Ensuring the mobile view was set up and edited
  • Adjusting the layout to fit different lengths of copy
  • Editing color design as needed
  • The creating of a new “Experience” page to outline Karina’s client journey
  • Updating the Blog Page and adding new elements
  • Setting up two contact pages, for different types of inquiries
  • Resizing all images for web
  • Doing complete SEO on each page, including all images and galleries
  • Creating three testimonial views for different pages
  • Linking and adding an Instagram widget – LightWidget
  • Submitting domain information to Showit to transfer the site over, as well as fixing some technical issues that occurred.

Case Study: Karina Pires Photography Website

Karina’s website is now so much more aligned with her vision for Karina Pires Photography’s vision! From her messaging to her color palette, to her fonts. Each element has come together to showcase her work in the forefront, while still being user friendly. Looking to update your website? Contact us for more information on our Showit5 Template Setup Packages!

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