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Anthropologie Office Inspiration

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July 23, 2018

Having an office in my new apartment is the greatest thing ever. I used to work from my couch, on my 13″ screen, frustrated at the lack of space. As a virtual assistant, I often have multiple tabs open, and quite a few programs running. Now I have my laptop, an extra screen, and a large L shaped desk with a ton of room for paperwork. It makes me dream up of office inspiration all day long.

However, the office is also our guest bedroom, so I share the space with a bed. Which is making me want to get all new bedding for the guest bedroom, and give it a mini-makeover.Since we are in an apartment, we can’t paint the walls, so I’m stuck with stark white. A new comforter, some toss pillows, and some new artwork will really brighten the space up.

I want it to be cozy, and have been trying to find the perfect cream comforter that has texture, and doesn’t break the bank (Oh Anthropologie, why can’t you be more affordable? I know my dream room of yours would cost me thousands!)

So here is a little office inspiration for your mood board monday. I’m even creating a whole Pinterest board filled with inspiration, quotes, and things I need to buy.

Anthropologie Inspired Bedroom | Ava And The Bee | Virtual assistant for wedding photographers, wedding planners, and wedding professionals.

Hand carved bed, toss pillows, and bee curtain holder from Anthropologie

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