I want to help you build a wedding business that is

profitable and successful

You have a passion for weddings, and this amazing industry. You know this is the industry for you, but you are stuck.

You are spending every weekend working 16 hour days, and you are exhausted.

You are spending money on different advertising, social media, and marketing, but are not sure if it is getting you any results.

Take a deep breath, friend. I am here for you.

My mentorships will help you find out where you are getting stuck, and help you achieve your powerful goals.

This is for wedding planners, wedding photographers, bridal boutiques, artists, stationary designers, or anyone else in the wedding industry!

I started my life in weddings at 18, young and clueless. Over the last 10 years, I have not only worked in bridal shops, but I also opened a bridal boutique and wedding planning company at 23 and gained $250,000+ in yearly sales. I have owned three businesses over the last 10 years, from accessory design to a wedding planning & bridal boutique & florist company, to a full-time virtual assistant company for wedding professionals.

Years of working in weddings have given me a unique experience, with endless knowledge to draw on. I know how to start a business, build it, sell it, and start a new one. My background in fine art allows me to understand your design vision, while my years of business ownership gives me the practical tools and tricks you need. My years of customer experience dealing directly with brides in both the wedding planning process and gown purchasing process has helped me deal with all tough client situations with ease.

When I started I had no help, no guidance. Starting a career in the wedding industry is tough, and finding help is even harder.

Starting your own company doesn’t have to be a struggle, and you don’t have to do it alone.

My story

You deserve support, and you deserve guidance. You deserve someone who has years of industry experience and can walk you through every step of the journey. From getting started, to moving to a new city and starting over, to expanding and growing your company. I want to be your cheerleader, your biggest support, and help you find your path. I want to help guide your business into a success, no matter where in the wedding industry it is.

In just a few weeks since my mentorship, I have gained 10k monthly views on Pinterest and over 200 engaged users!

 Before my call, I was struggling with making a plan for Pinterest and my newsletter. After, I definitely got a much better understanding of the uses of Pinterest and Tailwind! My biggest breakthrough was Tailwind. I was so intimidated and confused by it and now I don't know how I lived without it.

-Riane Roberts Photography

some of the things we can cover:

How do you find clients?

Finding clients is always a concern when running your business. We will go over your marketing, to see if it is connecting with the right audience, and where you should spend your advertising budget, and what to avoid.

finding your artistic voice

As a wedding professional, you are not just a business owner - you are an artist. You are offering a creative service that is unique to you, and your brand. We can work on your messaging to speak to the kind of clients you want to attract.

What services do i offer?

While it's important to offer a variety of services, it is even more important to offer the services you enjoy, and make the most profit. We can go through your complete list of services, and fine tune them to reflect your brand, and what you love to do.

how do you keep organized?

As you grow, and your company list grows, it is important to have organization so you don't miss a beat. I can show you the best tools of the trade to not only keep your tasks in line, but also how to invoice, make contracts, and send proposals.

how do you make a website & branding?

Creating a website, social media, and proper branding is essential. It not only helps clients find you, but can help you grab your target markets attention. I can walk you through creating a brand, logo, website, and PDF's to show your packages.

how do you set up client expectations & Boundaries?

As your client list grows, so will your client expectations and guidelines. I can help you set these now, so your clients know exactly how you work. It is important to have strict client boundaries, to avoid client issues down the road.

and so much more!

How do i stop feeling like i'm not good enough?

Mindset issues are one of the biggest hurdles in creating your own business. Am I good enough? How do I stop feeling like an imposter? How do I charge my pricing without feeling guilty? We will work together to eliminate these negative beliefs! 

how do i know if i am doing things right?

I will take a look at your website, your social media, your pricing and your contracts to give feedback and strategies on how to make it even better. We will work together to make sure you are marketing yourself correctly, and pricing your services right!

How do I get published?

Getting your work published is essential to running a business in the wedding industry. I have my work featured in dozens of publications and have submitted over 50 weddings for publication in both blog and in print. I can walk you through what you need to succeed, and get your work seen.

Blogging website and SEO

Do you love doing your own blogging, but have no clue if you are doing it right? I can walk you through the steps to write the best blog, have your SEO in place, and get your page higher ranked on Google. 

Each person is different, so I have multiple mentorship options! From short term to long term, I have options to help you!

Unsure of what you need? Book a complimentary Discovery Call, so we can talk about where you are at in your business, where you want to be, and see if we are a good fit for each other!


It is time for you to stop feeling stuck, alone and unsure.

It is time for you to start feeling:

The expert that you are

45 Minute Mentorship Call

During this 45 minute call, you can ask me anything! Are you looking for some strategic planning support, or questions on how to market your company? Are you wanting to dive into the world of weddings, but are not sure where to start? Do you have questions on how to start your own business, from getting an EIN to setting up a website? I can help!

One you book your mentorship session, I will send you a questionnaire that outlines you business, and what you are looking for help with. This will cover specific topics and questions you have. During our call, we can typically get through 2-3 main topics or pain points. If you believe you have more, then I recommend the 3 month mentorship!

Prior to our call, I will go over the questionnaire, and dive into your questions. I will have answers ready for you, as well as tips, action steps and advice. I will also look at your website, social media and marketing presence to get a better idea of how we can make that perfect.

During our call, I am an open book! I will cover the topics you give me, as well as additional questions you have. This is all about you growing and learning! I will share any additional resources that can help your business.

After our call, I will send you a post-call workbook. This will include what we covered, action steps, and any additional resources we discussed during our call, or that I think will benefit you!


This includes:

• An email questionnaire to determine where you are starting, and what you want to achieve.
• 1- 45 minute recorded Zoom call (sent to you after our call, so you can re-watch again and again!)
• Access to my proven workbooks and education resources that will get you results.
• A workbook with a list of action items delivered after the call, customized for you! It will also include what we discussed during our call, and lay out a plan! I will also include any additional resources you will need to succeed.


Long Term Mentoring

Are you looking for an accountability partner, a coach, or extended mentorship? I offer 3 month mentoring! Twice a month we will meet via Zoom for 1 hour, and go over everything you need. 

This includes:

• An email questionnaire to determine where you are starting, and what you want to achieve.
• 6- 60 minute recorded Zoom calls. (sent to you after our call, so you can re-watch again and again!)
• 3 months of email and Voxer support.
• Weekly goals to hold you accountable, and get you taking action.
• Access to worksheets and additional resources as needed.
• A workbook after each call with a list of action items delivered after the call, customized for you! It will also include what we discussed during our call, and lay out a plan for you for that month.

This is perfect for you if you who want help starting a company, or overhauling your brand. It provides you continued support, so as you grow your company, you have help, every step of the way.

Our first call will be on action steps and goal setting. We will work together to set your 3 and 6 month goals, and lay out the best strategy to take those goals on, and crush them. We will work together to focus your marketing, your strategy, your messaging, and business structure.

You will get coaching calls every other week, so we can track your progress, and overcome and obstacles together. 

This package also includes email support! For 3 months, we can talk about your goals, and questions you may have via email, in between calls!


Are you ready to grow your wedding business?


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