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Marketing Roadmap VIP Week

The Problem:

You need direction when it comes to your marketing. You might have an idea of your ideal audience and target market, but you are not sure if you are on the right track. You know how important consistent online marketing is, but you are currently doing it without a strategy, and your efforts so far are not getting you the results you are looking for

You’ll walk away from our VIP Week with not just a complete marketing strategy but clarity on your ideal audience and exactly how to connect with them

The Solution:

Our pre-selling marketing roadmap will tell you exactly what to do to connect with your clients so that they are confident and excited to work with you - before you ever get on a phone call.

Our Process:

how we create your custom marketing roadmap - in one week.


First, we will learn your business goals to make sure your marketing is aligned with where you want to go.


Second, we will create your ideal client profile, so you know exactly who to talk to. Our thorough questionnaire will get you thinking about your dream clients and the ones you wish you could work with again and again.


Third, we will do an in-depth audit looking at all of your online platforms, from your website, to online profiles, to social media - and everything in between. This includes SEO Keyword research and competitor research.


After our in-depth audit and creation of your ideal couple profile, we will give you a complete marketing roadmap. This will include Loom Videos to show you exactly what we are suggesting, a PDF with your guide, and any additional tutorials you may need.

As a Bonus, you will also get access to our Blogs That Book Course ($500 value!)


Your VIP Week also includes a 30-minute Q+A session two weeks after our intensive. This is the perfect time to clarify your to-do list, make revisions to your content calendar, or ask any questions you have.

see the complete deliverable list

How Your VIP Week Works

the questionnaire

We’ll start with a tailored questionnaire so we can dive into all of your details.

kick off call

We will dig in deep on a 45-minute video call. We’ll explore your brand mission, values, goals, discover what sets you apart, and get to know your ideal couples.

roadmap + review

You’ll sit back and relax as we put together your custom Marketing Roadmap. At the end of the week, we’ll hop on a 60-minute wrap-up call to review everything.

"Our strategy meeting was an eye-opener! With Ava & The Bee's guidance I’ve been able to put a plan in place, gain exposure and increase my bookings trifold. To say that I am grateful is an understatement! I am looking forward to working with Ava and the Bee for a long time."

- cari | stationery artist

A checklist lover? We are too. Here is a complete list of what you get.

The Deliverables

website audit

Video recording of what to do on your website, with SEO Keyword research.

social media audit

An audit of your social media & Pinterest, with what to do to update.

competitor research

From what you can do to set yourself apart, to what they are doing (that you should be doing as well!)


A custom guide to your areas trends, seasonality & quartlery themes to guide your content.

online presence audit

An audit of all of your online accounts, to ensure they are consistent (and what to update!)

ideal couple profile

It's not just demographics - it's about how they shop, make decisions, and how to stand out from the rest.

6-month content calendar

12 educational blog topics, just for your audience, with an outline of what to talk about.

a roadmap

You will get a six-month plan to show you how to implement, step-by-step.

bonus; blogs that book course

Learn how to create a blogging SEO strategy that gives you leads every month with our Blogs That Book Formula. ($500 Value)

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I have more time to work in other areas of my business and have seen tremendous growth in our website traffic and inquiries. Our audience looks forward to our content being that it is presented regularly and I do not have to worry about spending so much time on blogging that I can spend in other areas of the business or simply having some personal time to myself. 

- Kristi | Wedding Planner + Makeup Artist

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the investment
 march x1 | april x2 | May x2

A two payment plan is available

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YES! We are LGBTQ+ allies, and every single team member is a Certified Inclusive Pro, with a certification from Equally Wed Pro. As a team, we regularly educate ourselves on LGBTQ+ topics, as well as DEI.

are you inclusive?

We have a large network of virtual assistants, social media managers, and writers who can help you implement your marketing roadmap.

If you want the complete Ava And The Bee experience, you can work with us to implement everything! Our packages start at $1500 per month and are fully customizable.

What if I need ongoing support?

This is perfect for all wedding professionals! From brand new wedding vendors who want to make sure they are on targeting the right audience to seasoned professionals who are looking to niche down or adjust their offerings and audience.

I’m new to this industry, is this right for me?

Your ideal client profile is not just another demographics-based outline. We dive into how they shop, make decisions, and what you need to do to capture their attention. One of the ways we do this is have you take a look at your favorite past couples, and dive into what set them (and you!) apart.

What do I get with the ideal couple profile?


Shall we create something


together, or what?

These VIP weeks are very limited - only 2 spots per month! Apply today to book your spot.

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