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Stress-Free Outsourcing
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I’ve got a confession to make:

When I co-opened a wedding planning + bridal boutique in 2014, I had NO idea how many hats I would be wearing. Service provider, administrator, IT department, bookkeeper, social media manager, and content creator, just to name a few.

I didn’t realize how many hours would be spent on anything BUT planning incredible weddings.

Needless to say, I got overwhelmed pretty quick.

Ready for your business to change?

it's time to outsource

But that is when I discovered the beauty of outsourcing.

Outsourcing in your business frees up valuable time. And that is time you start to cherish oh so much as your business grows.

By outsourcing, you can do more of what you love to do and less of things you don’t enjoy and actually move the needle forward in your business.

This one-hour workshop will teach you everything you need to know to prepare your business to outsource.

I’ll be covering who you can outsource to, how much it will cost, what to do before getting started, and how to find your next outsourcing support team or virtual assistant.

Here is what you will learn inside this one hour workshop:

yep, just one hour and you will be ready to outsource!


What a virtual assistant is, the different types of VAs you can hire, other types of teams you can hire, and the difference between a outsourcing team vs. an employee.


A workbook with over 100+ services you can outsource, and questions to help you get clarity on what you need to outsource now, and what can wait.


The first steps you need to take before you outsource, including how to prepare your business to outsource.


Average pricing and budget for outsourcing, including average package breakdowns for the top services wedding professionals outsource first.


How to find a virtual assitant or support team, and how the onboarding process works, so you know EXACTLY what to expect when you get started!


The do's and don'ts of outsourcing to ensure this is an incredible experience (and doesn't cause more stress!)

After hitting burnout when I co-owned a wedding planning + bridal boutique, I decided to try something new. I started as a virtual assistant in 2018 at $30 hour, and Ava & The Bee was born!

Within six months, I was booked out. Within one year, I was growing a team.

And in 2019 I opened The Creative VA Academy, where I teach students how to start their own creative Virtual Assistant businesses. Since 2019, over 250 students have completed my courses, and we have a community of over 2500+ virtual assistants.

I know both sides of outsourcing and being a virtual assistant. From what wedding pros need to the types of support they can hire, I’ve spent the last four years becoming an expert. I’ve taught workshops on how to outsource in multiple summits, in-person events, and private coaching.

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And that is why I’m here to help! I made this workshop to answer all of the questions I get week after week - and know it will make you confident to hire!

So, how do I know so much about outsourcing?

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