You have your first clients.
Your social media is growing.
You are ready to take on more work.

But now what?

Feeling overwhelmed, and not sure what to do next?

Getting clients is the first step to growing a successful business.
But what happens when you start to get overbooked? How do you know when to stop taking new clients? What is the best way to handle multiple clients work? How do you keep organized? And how do you find the time to grow your personal business, and finally update your website?

That is where The Creative VA Mastermind comes in!

The Creative VA Mastermind is a 3-month program, part group coaching, part mastermind. Every Quarter is a new set of topics and a new 3-month commitment.

Let us work together to help you overcome the chaos, learn the steps for growth, and scale your business.


Setting goals & tracking finances

Learn the best strategies to set goals, and how to track your finances properly. Confused about P&L, monthly statements, and how much you should really be saving for taxes? We cover that in September.



This month we will tackle the big elephant in the room: scaling your business. Confused on how to take it from part time to full time? We cover that, and much more, in October.



One of the hardest things as a business owner is saying no. Whether it is saying no to an inquiry that is not a good fit, or saying no because you are booked. We will cover how to set boundaries, and avoid burnout.

here is what it includes:

Each month is a different topic to help you break through your biggest struggles, and answer your questions. Monthly topics can be customized throughout the Quarters, to ensure we cover your top questions, your goals, and what you are struggling with.

Two live calls per month, held every other Tuesday evening. The first call is the coaching call, where we will cover that months topic. There will be 30 minutes of live coaching, with 45 minutes of Q + A.

The second live call is is the mastermind session. Come with any questions that you have, and learn from each other!

One live co-working session per month. This is where you join us live to work on your business (and not client work!) How often are you putting aside your own business growth, to do client work? How often do you find yourself forgetting to write that blog post? This is the time to join us, be accountable, and work on your business!

Each month will have an action step workbook to help you stay on top of the topic, and map out a plan for success.

Community is important, so we will have a Slack group where you can ask questions, get advice and feedback, and even talk about client projects! I will be right in there with you, as well as all the other amazing members of our community.

This is the support you have been looking for to manage and grow your creative virtual assistant business!



December is included for FREE! Due to the holiday, this will be 1 coaching call + 1 live call. The topic will be determined by the group.

this sounds perfect for me!

How does it work?

Each month will be a new topic in our live coaching call. There will be 30 minutes of live coaching and training, with 45 minutes for Q+A and action steps!

Each month will have an action guide for you to download and use throughout that month. It will give you action steps needed for growth, and to master that month's topic. Take this week to start your guide.

The third week is our group call. This is where the mastermind part comes in - this is an hour call where you can come with any questions, and as a group, we grow and help one another! Learning from a community will not only give you more answers to your questions but different viewpoints as well. Learn from others on the same journey as you!

This is where we will meet for an hour live to work together! It’s a great way to finish your monthly guide, and have accountability to work on your business, and nothing but your business! No client work, just you and your growth.

week one:

week two:

week three:

week four:

how do i join?

Enrollment for Q4 of The Creative VA Mastermind is open through August 26th, with the first live call on September 3rd

To join the waitlist, and be the first to apply and learn more, just click the link below!

If you want to get the most out of this experience you’ll need to be proactive. This means attending the live calls, completing the workbook, and taking action in your business. You must be willing to try new things and put into practice what you learn. If you are not willing to be accountable, participate, and grow, this isn't for you!


I'm Adrienna! I started my life in weddings at 18, young and clueless. Over the last 10 years, I have not only worked in bridal shops, but I also opened a bridal boutique and wedding planning company at 23 and gained $250,000+ in yearly sales. I have owned three businesses over the last 10 years, from accessory design to a wedding planning & bridal boutique & florist company, to a full-time virtual assistant company for wedding professionals.

I know how to start a business, build it, sell it, and start a new one. My years of customer experience dealing directly with brides in both the wedding planning process and gown purchasing process has helped me deal with all tough client situations with ease.

When I started as a virtual assistant, I had no help, no guidance. Starting a career as a virtual assistant is tough, and finding help can be even harder.

Scaling your VA business doesn't have to be a struggle, and you don't have to do it alone.

My story

You deserve support, and you deserve guidance. Which is why I have created The Creative VA Mastermind. After creating the successful digital course, The Creative VA Academy, I kept hearing the same things over and over again: What now? How do you scale? How do you know when you are booked and can't take on more clients? This Mastermind is designed to be part group coaching from me, and part mastermind growth from your community.

3 monthly topics.
3 live 1-hour coaching calls.
3 live 1-hour group calls.
A monthly guide and workbook with action steps.
3 live co-working sessions.
Intimate Slack community.


the investment

what you get:

3 monthly topics.
3 live 1-hour coaching calls.
3 live 1-hour group calls.
A monthly guide and workbook with action steps.
3 live co-working sessions.
Intimate Slack community.
Two 60 minute 1:1 calls with me, that can be used anytime in the 3-month session!


what you get:

Individual coaching calls are $155 each, this deal saves you $160!

Standard Level

Elite Level

commit to 6 months, only $997 - Saving you $185!


commit to 6 months, only $1307 - Saving you $175!

Established virtual assistants and freelancers who are ready to scale their business, take more clients, and make this their full-time job.

Someone who has completed The Creative VA Academy, or have the business foundations set up, and know it is time to grow and scale.

Virtual Assistants who are overwhelmed by the growth scale, and are confused on how to make more money, per month.

who is this for?

Someone without a business, or who are just getting started. (Sound like you? No worries, I have The Creative VA Academy for that!).

Someone who has not booked their first client.

Someone not looking to scale this into a full-time job. If you are happy with it just being part-time, no problem! This just isn’t the right fit.

Who this is for:

Who this is NOT for:

Hey Adrienna, I'm brand new to the virtual assistant world! What do you have for me?

Don't worry friend, I have your back! If you are ready to become a virtual assistant, social media manager or freelancer for creative businesses, then it’s time for you to join The Creative VA Academy.

This course covers how to set up your business legally, and set it up for success, and how to market, get clients, and manage those clients!


Are you ready to commit to growth and success?


Doses of inspiration, behind the scenes, and animal cuddles.